What are the chores you hate to do the most?

For me, the chore I hate the most is mowing the lawn. I do it and hate it. What is your favorite chore to hate?

putting away laundry, I will wash it all day, but I absolutely hate putting it away. I do put it away but I hate it!

It’s dusting. It’s everywhere!

Washing the floors, who said hardwood floors are easier to maintain than carpet, no way!!!

Waxing the floor (living room and studio has wood panels)… and cleaning the bathrooms…Ugh!

I like mowing the lawn but I hate ironing. Trade ya!

Putting laundry away and ironing. I can handle everything else. :slight_smile:

Washing and putting up the dishes. That’s why I use a lot of paper plates. Too bad they don’t make disposable pots and pans!

The dust doesn’t get any worse after the first seven years!

But Karen, they’re so much prettier…however, I agree…not my fave thing to do.

They are beautiful, but vacumn, dust, polish, oooo and then wash on hands and knees once in awhile, way too much.

Carpet vacumn and you are done. :slight_smile:

dust…vaccuum. Oh…litter box…that’s the worst!!

The French told me to never wash hardwood floors. So that relieves you of one task!!!

Well, actually my husbad does it, no soap just water and then we dry, ya gotta wash once in awhile, in between little vacumning and sometimes this big duster thing, like I said a lot of work :wink:

ahhh which one to choose!!! I’m a procrastinator by nature so usually putting stuff away in general sucks. Especially after a week of basic chores, getting stuff out, mail dirty clothes, shoes kicked off, finding a outfit to wear and leaving clothes out, wrappers from food or drinks, junk i come home with and put wherever, basically i get to the point where i have to walk around stuff sometimes (hey i live in a efficency apartment, way small)