What Are The First Ten Things You Do When You Wake Up?

it doesnt matter what it may be, just talk about your morning before you leave the house. it does not have to be D related, but it would be
interesting. for example:
1. i test my BSs
2. prepare my breakfast

or maybe:
1. i get my kids dressed for school

  1. Turn off my alarm clock.
  2. Swear that I’ll get up in five minutes
  3. Find my glasses
  4. Test my BS
  5. Get up and go shower
  6. Put on socks, panties, deodorant and bra (in that order)
  7. Put together an outfit
  8. Pack what I need for the day (including laptop and breakfast)
  9. Grab a bottle of Coke Zero
  10. Drive to work

I'm pretty plain.

1. Turn off the alarm
2. Turn off the CPAP
3. Stand
4. Pee
5. Test blood sugar
6. Get coffee or tea
7. Take a shower, shave and brush my teeth
8. Take my pills
9. Take my basal and correct for any DP
10. Leave (usually before 6am)

Glad somebody mentioned peeing; I was worried about your bladders!

Typical Morning

1. Wake up (no alarm, I'm spoiled)
2. Add layers for Fall (this will increase)
3. Pee
4. Test my blood sugar and correct if necessary (write it down)
5. Make my cappuccino
6. Veg in front of the computer with my capp
7. Bolus for breakfast (I don't test if my first one was in range)Write it down
8. Make and eat breakfast (am I the only one who eats breakfast?)
9. Continue to hang out till a reasonable hour to do something useful in the house (the earliest I have to be anywhere is 1:00PM)

This morning:

1. Get up
2. Put on layers
3. Pee
4. Test my bloodsugar - OMG - 346 - the set I put in last night must have been bad!
5. Go into hyperdrive
6. Realize I need cappuccino for hyperdrve
7. Make cappuccino
8. Stand there for a minute trying to make my brain work and decide whether to take shot or just change set
9. Decide to change set while drinking cappuccino
10.Change Set trying to do it right despite only moderately functioning brain
11.Bolus an outrageous (for me) 8.80 correction
12.Get online and answer this post
13. Wait for bloodsugar to come down out of the stratosphere and brain to recover from hyperdrive

1. Move the blinds and look out the window - don't really know what I'm looking for.
2. Test bg and take insulin
3. Every 3rd day take blood pressure
4. Go to the 'puter and check what's going on at TD
5. Check Facebook.
6. Take morning med
7. Check email
8. Shower
9. Get dressed
10. Blow dry hair and put on warpaint if I'm in the mood.
Oh, and there's a pee in there someplace.

zoe, i dont function without a hearty breakfast. and as far as Peeing goes, well thats about 30% of my life, awake or asleep (i do walk in my sleep)

1)Stagger to the bathroom, where I
2)simultaneously take care of necessities, including checking BG
3)and stagger to the kitchen, where I
4)take one unit of Aprida for a high or drink Danactiv for a low.
5)Take 1 1/2 units of Levemir and Levothyroxine.
6)Let the dogs out,
7)turn on the heat,
8)turn on the computer,
9)and turn on the Today Show.
10)One hour later: coffee.
11)Eventually: breakfast.

1. Grab glasses
2. Test BG--husband will not leave house until I do.
3. Roll over and sleep some more--may pee somewhere in this 1-3 routine
4. Get up and test again
5. Take pills
6. Make coffee. If I feel like eating, I also do this, but I am NOT a lover of breakfast
7. Drink coffee and check email, etc
8. Take shower, do hair, make up
9. Get dressed
10. Pick up the house...sometimes

At some point, I assess my day--what am I doing, where do I need to go, etc. So that changes things.

I was starting to think I was the only one who eats breakfast! I never leave the house without it and am quite fond of breakfast (despite the limitation on options since my dx). Some people can't start the day without a shower, I can't start it without breakfast....and cappuccino of course!

1. Cast a glance at the clock time.
2. Wiggle a bit to evaluate how I feel and decide if it's going to be a better day than the last one and decide how I'll be getting out of bed.
3. Smile at and greet the bunny in the alcove.
4. Head to the can for my usual water works and then shower.
5. Get dressed.
6. Take the bunny downstairs to run and feed her(if I feel okay) and we look out at the new day.
7. Test my blood sugar and take shots.
8. Take my morning meds.
9. Turn on the news while eating my brekky/having coffee(already made),when my sugar is good.
10. Turn on the computer and check the answering machine.

Make Coffee
Drink coffee whilst answering emails
Watch TV news and weather (not sure why as this can be accessed from computer)
Get dressed
Walk dog
Water garden
Remove outdoor clothing and enjoy another cup of coffee

  1. Say good morning to my four year old who is coming to join me in my bed.
  2. Read my Bible, news and email on my iPad.
  3. Get out of bed because two sets of grumbling tummies are now asking to be fed as my five year old joins my four year old in my bed. Check my bg.
  4. Start breakfast for the little ones at the same time as trying to wake up the older 3 kids.
  5. Once everyone is up and the little ones fed, I make my breakfast as I go to the office to pick up the laptop.
  6. Eat my breakfast as I see what is on our days agenda for school this morning.
  7. Tell the kids I’m off to the shower as they get ready for the day. Take my meds.
  8. Get done with my shower to see the kids are still chatting and aren’t ready to start school. Meanwhile my 4 year old is asking if he can play on the computer but I have to tell him no because we need to start school.
  9. Start my day of schooling, usually starting with my kindergartener and making my way to my 4 th grader.
  10. It’s lunch time, where did my morning go?

On my good days, this plans works like a charm. On bad days, I’ll be lucky to get 5 items done.

That was like me after breakfast today, I tested at 17.1 (308 mg/dl) and did a double take when my pump recommended a 7.25 unit correction. That is a lot of insulin just for a correction, but took it ... and ended up correcting again two hours later when I was still 13.5 (243 mg/dl). It wasn't a bad site, not sure what it was! At lunch I was 5.1 (92 mg/dl), after lunch I was 6.0 (108 mg/dl), and before dinner I was 3.1 (56 mg/dl), so I give up.

Anyway, what I do in the morning is:

1. Turn off my alarm.
2. Go pee.
3. Test and bolus a correction/for breakfast.
4. Make coffee.
5. Have a shower.
6. Get dressed.
7. Eat breakfast.
8. Check e-mail, work on my thesis, check social media, etc.
9. Pack lunch.
10. Pack work bag and head out to catch transit to work.

1 Snooze alarm
2.snooze alarm
3. roll over and check bg before I get out of bed
4. do my levemir
5. stagger to bathroom put in contacts, pee and brush teeth in that order
6. get dressed and make sure bag is ready for school
7. fix the face and hair
8. fix a lunch and breakfast
9. gather the betes supplies for breakfast shot and for the day
10.leave hopefully on time

1) Turn off alarm.
2) Put on glasses.
3) Check blood sugars.
4) Select clothes for the day.
5) Shower, etc.
6) Change infusion set (if necessary)
7) Drive to work.
8) Eat breakfast.
9) Check Facebook.
10) Begin working.

Wake up
Pee on the husband
Test the cat
Inject the dog
Coffee on cornflakes
Send children to school in pyjamas
Shower the plants
Avoid all mirrors
Pretend I've won the Lotto
Go back to bed and start again.

1) get up, no alarm needed, GF is a fitness instructor(careful what you ask for..) for 5:30AM classes.
2.) pee then get coffee then go back and shut bathroom light off as intructed.
3.) spend 5 min looking for said coffee
4.) Check BS and adjust as needed.
5.) shower and dress
6.) spend 10min looking for , belt, work badge, glasses, whateve else....
7.) kiss Ms. instructor goodbye
8.) leave for work, kinda
9.) return back inside, "did you see my gym bag, backpack, lunch, cell phone?" Can you see a pattern here?
10.) Kiss Ms. instrctor again and head to work for real.

Hysterical, Josephine! And pretty much how I feel in the morning!

1) wake up by alarm
2) bathroom visit
3) measure bs / calibrate my dexcom
4) measure weight/fat ratio
5) get dressed
6) prep my son's bag
7) drive to gym
8) cardio or swimming
9) shower
10) go to work listening to audible
11) office / breakfast

1. get up
2. go potty
3. test bs
4. start coffee
5. log on to computer at work and start work
6. shower
7. get dressed
8. make the bed
9. test bs before i leave
10. open curtains/blinds and say bye bye to the cats lol