What are the ways of maintaining a healthy kidney life

what are the ways of assuring a healthy kidney life, so that one can live longer without a kidney failure. and what are the recommended foods for health kidney life.type 1 from 3 years

In my opinion you can neglect the influence of food. Although it might help to limit your intake of salt. The main factors are

1) good glucose levels
2) good blood pressure and puls rate levels
3) your genetic predisposition

to 1) an A1c of 7 is equal to an average blood glucose of 147 mg/dL. In my opinion this too high. Beginning with 160 mg/dL the kidney will start to filter the elevated blood glucose. This kind of additional stress is a problem for the busy kidneys.

to 2) an elevated blood pressure should always be treated. An elevated puls rate should be closely watched and eventually be treated too (with Beta Blockers for example).

I agree with Holger that maintaining good diabetes control is the key to good health in all aspects. I saw somewhere you asked if you are supposed to take the same amount of insulin as you weigh in kilograms. Definitely not! As a Type 1 that would be way too much for me. Some doctors use weight as a starting point but it is much more individualized than that. You need to figure out your basal dose or rates and your I:C ratio for mealtime doses. I encourage you to get the book Using Insulin by John Walsh to explain all this or post a thread (more people respond to threads than blogs).

Back to the kidney: In addition to good D management, some doctors recommend a pill for kidney protection. I'm taking 5 mg of Benazepril.

Controlling BG levels is important for kidney health, but also keep a close watch on your blood pressure.

I would also like to add that if you're one of those people who doesn't drink much water, that you should start. Chronic dehydration is bad for kidneys.