What are you training for?

just curious what is everyone getting ready for in 2010?

RAAM race w/ Team Type 2 in june and the original marathon in greece in nov

I’ve been challenged to do the 50-distance-unit Tour de Cure in Basking Ridge, NJ (I believe it’s 50 miles) – which will be held on my 50th birthday.

I’ve never ridden more than ~30 miles in a day and I suck at hills/climbing, so I’ve got a lot to work on in the next six months!

doing RAAM as part of a relay or solo?

wow very cool. where is Basking ridge?

Central New Jersey, towards the west. About 12-15 miles west of Newark.

a little too far for me. :frowning:

have fun.

As of Jan 2nd I’m in training for the AIDS LifeCycle in California. I addition, I’ll be doing a couple of Centuries and do my best to do the TdC in San Diego and Long Beach/OC/LA.

I’m also thinking about doing a 5K. But I don’t like running! We’ll see where that goes…

I think you can do the 50 Miles. It’s only 20 more that what you usually do. Just think of it as 2 25 mile rides, or figure out how far it is from pit stop to pit stop and you’re doing that many rides of that distance. Just don’t look at it as a 50 mile ride.

And hill are everyones weak point. Just remember, it’s OK to stop when limbing a hill, just don’t walk (unless you REALLY have to). Just look at a point 20, 30 or 40 feet ahead of you and climb to that point, then pick a new point. Trust me, the top is not going anywhere! I think you can do it!

Good luck with RAAM. Wish I was doing it with you!

I’m less worried about the distance than about the hills. Recent weather (and cold apartment) have made getting out to ride a bit dicey, even with winter clothes.

ok it’s go time. 12 weeks till the unite half marathon in new brunswick NJ hoping to break 1:40!
then it’s my first iron distance triathlon in sept