What Are Your Diabetes Goals for 2008? - New Episode of DiabetesPowerShow Podcast

What are your diabetes goals for 2008?

While you think, enjoy a round-table discussion about setting, nurturing and succeeding in all our Diabetes related goals for 2008. We were honored to be a part of this episode of the incredible DiabetesPowerShow Podcast, along with SugarStats.com founder Marston Alfred (also a member of TuDiabetes).

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My diabetes goals are to get control of my BG and to become a healthier me. I cannot pretend that I do not have this disease any more. I have fought it for a little over 4 years. Now it has come to a point that I cannot deny it any longer.

Way to go, Diane!

I hope the support of our family here can help you keep up with your goal.

Here is our Happy New Year video:

Thanks Manny!
This web site has already helped a lot. I am so excited about this site.

My goal is to stay on course. Since Dec. 13th, I’ve taken one Metformin tablet. My average BGL (fasting and PP) has been in the upper 80s and low 90s with diet and exercise alone. Since being off the Metformin, my energy level has increased noticeably. I’m going to continue adding to my exercise level and maybe get into some minor body building, now that I have the energy and motivation.

I’m going to continue my pursuit of knowledge and sharing on Yahoo! Answers and TuDiabetes. I’m so jazzed right now, that those who don’t believe my accomplishments are the result of exhaustive research and trial and error and who believe that I’m “lucky” don’t even faze me. I’m just going to keep on spreading the word. The TuDiabetes badge appears on two pages in my website and, as I continue to update, will show on every page.

My goals are


  2. EXERCISE DAILY (even if it is a short walk)


Happy New Year Manny and many Blessing to you this year too!
My goals for this year? :slight_smile: I’ve added my plan to the Weight Loss Team and encourage everyone to join in with a healthy new year activity or a skip something / add something better to a meal plan.
I’m “adding this” or "skipping that " for my goals this year.