What are your plans for the Summer?

Hello Everyone-

I just wanted to take your thoughts away from Diabetes for a few minutes…

I am in So Cal and I plan on going to Disney Land…I think I am more excited than the kids. I have always wanted to go…!!! Plus, my husband is in the Army and I want to take advantage of everything Cali has to offer before we have to move again.
I would also like to go to Knott’s Berry Farm, I heard they have some good fried chicken; I have to at least try 1 wing.
We also are planning to go to Tom’s Farms, it’s like a Farmers Market w/ a whole lot of entertainment, a petting zoo and more.
I would like to take the kids to a water park…not sure which one. I have to talk my Husband into going because he hates public pools.
Last but not least…we are going to Pheonix for the 4th of July!!!
I wanted to travel to Northern Cali, gas prices are so high you can’t hop in the car and just drive anymore…maybe next year…

I just wanted to take your thoughts away from Diabetes for a few minutes…
What are your plans for the summer?

Your DB (Diabetic Buddy)

My husband and I are going to the North West. We have frequent flyer miles and are going First Class! We will be staying with family and friends in Oregon, Seattle and Victoria B.C. and are renting a cabin on the Olympic peninsula, which is where we spent out honeymoon. I am VERY excited. We will need to rent a car, but apart from the cost of gas and food, and the couple of days rental on the cabin, we won’t have too many expenses. We love to hike, so that is the main entertainment on the trip. When I get back, I am working on landscaping our new home. We have 2 1/2 acres and I am planning an edible, low maintenance landscape with lots of fruit trees and bushes. I’m a teacher and have 10 weeks off. I usually teach summer school but my husband encouraged me to take this summer off since I am taking a graduate level class in Special Education to get re-certified and have all the gardening to do also.

I am facing eye surgery due to a cataract, but having ROP (Prematurity related problems) I am nervous.

I work in retail, and barring any complications of the ROP and cataracts, I hope to be at work, and going as I do now.

Diabetes, being 24/7 will never go away, and I don’t get ‘days off’ of it, but the hope is here the weather stays mild because I don’t like heat too much. I’ll mention that Knott’s Berry farm’s restaurant is gone a bit downhill. Greasy and not all that great like it was. Best chicken I know of out here is is at Grandmas’ Chicken house, and also The Chicken Box in Brea. This is ‘Broasted’ chicken. YUMMO!

We go to the local Tom’s Farm here up by Anaheim, but the biggie is out in Corona, this side of Lake Elsinore.

I’d like to get to a couple of pet fairs and Dog shows…informal ones, to see and have doggie days

I am sorry to here you have to have surgery. I agree Diabetes never goes away, I think some people think it goes away; I disagree.
Ohhh! You just broke my heart in two about Knott’s. Where is Grandmas’ chicken house? I have been to Brea a few times, I need to look up the Chicken Box. I live in Menifee, so we go to the one in Lake Elisnore; I didn’t even know it was there until a few weeks ago.

I am glad you listened to your husband, we all need a break sometimes. First Class, you go girl:) Your vacation sounds so relaxing…Can I go??? I have never been to Oregon or Seattle. Congrat’s on your new home!! How long have you been teaching???

I have been teaching First Grade for 15 years and next year am going to be a Special Education teacher instead. I was diagnosed a year ago and find it hard to be in the classroom full time, especially with first graders who are very demanding. With Special Education there will be a bit of a balance between teaching, meetings and paperwork. I imagine it will have its own stresses but I think the change will be interesting. I can’t believe we are flying first class. I have never done that before but the airline didn’t have any seats in coach and the first class tickets only cost a few more frequent flyer points so we are traveling in style!

I’m in so-cal too and well, right now, most of my plans are located here. I have an annual pass to disneyland so i will probably make it up there 3 or 4 times during the summer.

june/july probably going to the san diego county fair. go every year. always fun. but this will be the first time i’ve been since being diagnosed, the funnel cakes. mmmmmmm.

going with my family in july to las vegas. it’s always fun. i hope i win something.

knott’s is a lot of fun. used to go every year when i was younger with it being so close to my grandparents house. i haven’t had the chicken in a while, but it is really good.

other than that, i will be working, but living in san diego, there is always something to do on the weekends during the summer. maybe seaworld.

hope you have lots of fun during your summer and that you get to do a lot of things on your list.