What are your sensor alarms set at?

My sensor was set at 180 and 60. But I am changing to 160. What do you all have your alarm set at?

During the day it’s 80-180. At night it’s 70-200. I made the limits wider at night because I can’t stand all the alarms going off all night - falling, rising, predicting low or high, low, high. It’s so rare I even sleep well through the night, I don’t want to wake up unless my BG is truly high or low. I have my basal rates well-adjusted though that I usually get a steady line at 90-110 all night though unless I did something unusual in the evening. Plus the alarms wake my hubby up long before they wake me up, and I feel really bad if I disturb his sleep. I don’t know how y’all can have your low limits set so low. By the time my sensor says 70 or 80, my actual BG is usually at 50-70. Lower than that, and I start to feel awful - can’t process information, sweating profusely, etc.

160 high 70 low…but I never need 'em…yeah right!!!

180 high and 80 low during the day. At night it’s 180 high and 70 low. I quickly learned that 80 is too high for the night time low.

160 and 80

i started at 200 and 90. I like 160 better because i get notified sooner when on the rise.

On Dexcom—Still waiting on the perpertual high alarm…and the 24 hour graph(which i have heard is in the works for the release after ‘no more cable for calibration release’----which will be a simple download)

high: 200 my endo originally set it at 250,but I just lowered it.
low: 80

180 for high and 60 for low…

70 and 160 for me…70 gves me time to check and treat if needed (usually is),high side alarms usually some miscalculation (discovered my [very old] scale is off–by ounces --ugh–waiting for new one) or set problem

75 and 200, set by my CDE. So far the high has gone off only a couple of times. Once was right after starting a new sensor and it went wacky (then straightened out after that) and the other two times were when I had a week of unexplained higher readings, and woke up high two days in a row.

I’ve now been having too many lows and the alarm drove me crazy all day today!

164 High, 64 low. My thought process is that if it goes above/below these I want to take action.

I have mine set at 150 high and 90 low.

If I don’t react quickly with highs, it seems I stay there forever, and if I am at 90, I go low pretty easy, so I like to know way in advance. I can figure out if I need to take action. :wink:

CGCM is an inaccurate system at best. Unless you want the alarms going off all the time, consider 80 and 180. I can’t trust my continuous monitor to alert me at lower levels accurately, and it lags behind my actual blood sugar. At 80, it gives me warning as the levels are going down, and I can do something about it. I won’t discourage 160 on the upper end, but see how often you can tolerate the repetitive alarm.
Good luck.

I set mine at 85 and 150. 85 because the sensor seems to often lag lows and highs, 150 because I’m aiming for really tight control (a ways from getting there though)…

I have just recently resumed using my CGM again and I have turned off my low alarm and have my high alarm set for 150. The alarms were driving me nuts, so I shut them down and just look at my pump alot instead.