What are your thoughts on diabetes burnout?


I read all there with great interest, would like to say it’s wounderfull that there is a place where we can express our views on this important subject regardless of our personal views. I personally have fought burn out and worse for years. But on top of t1 I have had 2 hearts, cancer (returned 3 times so far) will stop there. To everyone who has not experienced it, God bless you, just please understand this can and is a real problem for some and hopefully anyone experiencing it will at the very least share there feeling to know the are not alone.


Somedays…f this dang disease…just needed to vent that…have a good day.


This, and worse, are super common in healthcare. Healthcare has a terrible culture. I would never want to work in it.


After successfully managing my type 2 for a number of years I experienced what may have been a burnout. I had a cardiac arrest and was at a rehab centre for many months due to brain damage. When I was released from hospital I of course had lost my job, my apartment had been broken into and everything of value that I owned had been stolen. The Vancouver cops (the stupidest moronic blue shirt piece of cowdung in North America) refused to accept my report of theft because “the prime suspects were my ex in-laws so they considered it a family matter.” My family - evangelical Christians of the worst kind - disowned me because “bad things only happen to bad people”.
But guess what. I told myself to get over it. I got on disability because of my brain injury, gradually recovered my mental functions, met a wonderful woman who has been my wife for the last seven years, and found employment using my old skills as a computer technician.
I also got back to managing my diabetes like I was used to.
And if I was able to beat the odds after what I went through so could most people with some will power.



Impressive. Gives me lots of hope. Its always good to hear from survivors. You are not that common. Its something to be very proud of.