What can make insulin requirements go down?

I tried looking this up on google but it wasn’t much help I think I’d find my answer better just asking all of you about your knowledge on what are some causes that insulin requirments might start going down? All the sudden the last 4 days I can’t seem to keep my sugar up I have to test way before the time I normally would to catch my lows I’ve decresed my basal and lowered my carb/unit of insulin ratio I’m still having a little difficulty. I’m scared to lower it to much so I’m just doing it slowly. I do have a cold and thought maybe it’s just my cold but any other time I’ve had a cold or the flu my insulin requirments go up or stay the same I actually do have to lower my basal but it’s usally because I barely eat when I’m sick, but I’m eatting plenty right now so it’s not that. I know everyones different so maybe it is just a cold but just curious what else might lower your insulin requirments because this is pretty unusual for me.

Thank you

I’ve gone through phases like that & it’s baffling. I wasn’t more active, eating differently, sleep patterns were the same, no other meds or supplements & stress level hadn’t changed. All the usual reasons didn’t apply. My theory is that occasionally our pancreas sends out some insulin. For me, these spurts don’t last long & soon my doses are back to where they were. The only time I took I took basal with no bolus was when I was on antibiotics that caused persistent lows.

Is there any chance you may be pregnant? The hormanal changes from a pregnancy could make this happen. Especially early on.