What Color?

I am going to be getting the new Revel pump from Medtronic and I am wondering what color your pump is? Is there another color you wish you had gotten? Any regrets of colors? I think the choices of my pump are clear, purple, pink, blue, and black.

Let me know!!!

NO regrets ...what is is , ha, ha
Black for me, and I have my pump covered by a skin : a bit of red , a bit of pink roses ; previously a Canadian flag skin ...my fav :)

I got the clear because I wanted to be able to hide it in my bra without it showing through a white shirt. I really wish I would have gone with what I really wanted and gotten the pink because it is just more "me" Now I have a black and pink skin on it anyways. So go with what will make you happy when you have to look at it all day everyday!

I got clear and I love it because I like to use the skins (available via SkinIt.com) to spice it up a little. The skins cost about $12 each and I change them roughly every 3 months or so. I think the clear pump looks the best with the skins. And with the skins, you have a different color pump whenever you want (oh, and the skins offer a bit of protection too).

I have a 722 (the older model...) and I have greyish, maybe clear? It goes with more things that way than the more fanciful colors I think

I originally had a clear one - I thought it would be cool to see the innards. The novelty of that wore off after about 15 minutes. When I had to get a replacement I asked for the "Smoke" which is pretty close to black. I wear mine on my belt and it draws fewer confused stares than the clear one.

It all boils down to whether you wear it hidden or visible to others. If the latter, are you put off by answering occasional questions like "what is that?" I think that wearing it on the outside helps to remind folks about my diabetes.

I got clear because 4 years ago the only color choices they had were clear, black, and blue. I did not like th black or blue. I am up for a new pump and I am excited that they have pink now and am going to get the pink!

Hi I think it's really going to be based on if you want it to be seen or not. I have a friend who got smoke (black) because she thought it was more professional looking if anyone ever saw it. I got clear because I felt it gave me more options for choosing skins or wearing it plain. It took me a while to decide between the clear and the purple (my purple plaid skin should arrive today)so now I feel I have the best of both worlds.

Best of luck.