What "deals" are other pump makers offering Asante Snap users?

Continuing the discussion from Asante Snap Shuts Down:

While I am not at all involved in the Asante Snap shutdown, I am curious just what sort of “deals” people are being offered by the various pump manufacturers.

The main reason I decided to ask about this was because when, out of curiosity, I went to check out the Medtronic “Asante Support Program” offer all I found was a phone number or request form “to find out more about this special offer”.

I’m always uncomfortable whenever a company won’t tell me up front about something but instead appears to be trying to hook me in. Since I have no reason to ask for myself, I figured I could at least ask if anyone else had asked. :confused: :smirk:

So … if you asked about any of the offers from any of the other pump companies, what have they been telling you?

Yes, most of the other companies are offering specials for Asante customers – all except Tandem and Roche (at this point). A rundown of what the others are doing is here, over at DiabetesMine: