What did we learn?

Tonight was the Bariatric informational meeting dad is considering. Mom and I went too, for different reasons. Mom does not approve, and I wanted to learn more and show support.
What he got from it was that he and mom need to walk more. Not that he needs to eliminate fast food or the empty foods or the soda. Yes, I agree walking is a great start, but their dedication is never consistent. But maybe this time is different, this time dad's kidney's are at risk, leading to kidney failure. His mother ultimately died from the same event only 11 years ago this August. Dad has not always been over weight, he knows there is a thin man inside, but it is like the life inside him is gone. I do not understand. I just get so angry sometimes at both my mom and dad. I, their daughter, has to teach them better ways to care for themselves, but they never listen; yet when they give me suggestions on how I should live my life, I am expected to listen to them.
I could just get sick over it. I ask them to invest their grocery money on quality food, not processed foods and snacks, but they reply it is too expensive... and the medication bills are not? And hey mom, quit making all those cookies, cakes and brownies, why don't you? I also offer to meet early (way earlier than I want to be awake) to walk or exercise with dad. I have offered to pay for a gym membership and trainer even, but no.
After tonight's meeting, I see the advantages of getting the Gastric Sleeve, but I also see the benefits in just making a 100% life style change and being dedicated to it!
I wish I could give my parents the energy and enthusiasm I have to live a healthy life, but I just cannot get through. And well, that's when I just let out some tears of helplessness, and wonder what else can I do different... All I can do is love and support, so I will continue, but I hope with all my being that Tonight, Tonight...made a difference. Tonight sparked the fire in his heart to change (and mom's too). I love them.