What did you eat today? Do you track calories?

I would LOVE to have A1C’s in the 5’s. I’ve been at this almost 11 years, and my A1C’s have been getting higher every year with my last one in the low 9’s. I’m trying really hard to change that, even hiring a personal trainer, buying a gym membership (as well as home gym equipment) and most recently by trying to adopt a low carb/keto? diet.

I track my food with DietPower, which only works on a PC. As of today I have eaten;
6 AM Two Fried Eggs, two slices of Dave’s Killer bread with tbls of Smart Balance, 3 cups coffee (black no sugar)
9:15 AM (1 Hour Spin Class) 3 Cups Water
11:45 AM 1/2 cup rice/1/2 cup beans
1 Cup Coffee
1:00 PM One Kind Bar
1:55 PM One Package of M&M Peanut
1 Cup of Coffee
Current BG 220

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Yesterday I had
a tostado with beans, salsa, lettuce
a taco with moringa crumbles and lettuce
guacamole and chips
from a Mexican Restaurant that has some wonderful vegan choices.

I stuffed myself.

I never went above 142, so that was a win, but I stayed at over 130 almost for 3 hours. so that was a loss. We waited to grab something to eat after errands, so it was after 4:00 and I never ate anything else because I wasn’t hungry again.

But it was a total guess. One and a half tortillas? How many beans, Hawaiian style refried but not lol…Moringa crumbles? And I never kept track of how many chips ate. I ended up bolusing for 45 carbs in 3 increments and got on my bike when I wasn’t coming down fast enough.

It was worth it! It tasted great!

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I rarely feel hungry at all. But there are times when i crave sweets or salts or carrots. Strange.

I do weight watchers but I do not track points, I use fitness pal and track calories and carbs. I use ww for the zooms

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I had not frequented any fast food places for over 1 year but yesterday I went downtown and craved a hamburger so drove into Wendy’s, ordered a triple cheeseburger with nothing else and no bun. They made it, put it into a little plastic box along with a few napkins, knife and fork. It was a totally awesome one off treat. Now looking forward to a no sugar added ice cream treat once or twice when Summer rolls around. Gotta splurge from time to time and get out of the daily avocado or celery stick meal routine.