What do I do if he has a low

For a good amount of time my Hubby has been in the good levels and he is starting to exercise. Now I’m so afraid that he will have a low.

What does a low look like and if it happens what do I do to fix it. Also if he ever passes out from a low how do I bring him back and how dangerous is that if it happens? Please help guys this really scares me.

The ADA has a good list of symptoms for what to look for when someone with diabetes experiences a low. A person may experience some, all, or unfortunately none of these symptoms as they approach a blood glucose of 70. For some that number may be higher if their glucose has been running high for a long time. For others, they may not experience symptoms until much lower if they have lost hypo-awareness due to consistently staying in the lower end of blood glucose numbers, or having frequent lows. I normally don’t get shaky and sweaty until I drop below 55, for example.

If you are truly worried that your husband may actually pass out from a low, you should keep a glucagon kit where you can get to it. This is injectable glucose. You don’t want to try and give liquids or chewable tablets to someone who has passed out as they could choke.


What kind of meds is he on? Severe lows are generally assosiated with insulin usage (essentially overdosing) but any meds can cause lows, most lows are mild… Might notice his hands feel shaky, cold sweats, anxiety… Exercising kinda masks those symptoms sometimes because your hands might be shaking and sweating anyway.

Severe lows where someone actually needs assistance because they are unconscious or whatever are really pretty avoidable in this day and age with due caution… If your husband is prone to them you can ask his doctor for s glucagon emergency kit, which is a shot that can be given to an unconscious person to quickly raise their blood sugar… This is an emergency measure only… I believe (but could be wrong) that most doctors would probably only prescribe it to insulin users.

Short of that, a small amount of juice, non-diet soda, 2-3 pieces of hard candy, or glucose tablets from the pharmacy will quickly raise blood sugar and make him feel better. The conventional wisdom is to eat 15g of carbohydrates worth of any of the above— over time you and he will fine tune that advice to figure out what works best for him.

I know it’s a lot to wrestle with at first but please let me assure you, it is a manageable condition. It is great that you are so supportive.

is he on medication that can cause a low? if not don’t worry.

@Jack16 - Personally, even before I was on insulin, I found that exercise could drop me low by reducing insulin resistance and sensitizing my body to its own insulin. Not low enough that I had to worry about passing out, but low enough to get shaky and sweaty. Usually not below 60, so honestly not all that low, but enough to feel uncomfortable. It’s hard to tell when you’re getting sweaty from hypoglycemia though, when you’re already sweaty from working out!

I just learned that I needed to test my BG before exercise, never exercise if my BG was below 120, and to stop and check my BG after about 1 hour or if I felt the least bit “weird.”

I always keep glucose tablets on hand. I’ve been Type II for nearly 15 years now and never had a low so bad that I’ve passed out, even with insulin use.

@PinkCoffee - I think the best advice I can give you is don’t be scared of lows. Respect them, prepare for them, and know how to deal with them yes. But don’t live in fear of them. They’re just part of life with diabetes. If you monitor before exercise, during exercise if it is going to be a long session, and afterwards and know when and how to treat, you can go into this with confidence instead of fear.

on non-insulin, I agree with everything you said. including the not low enough to worry, if you feel weird, eat something, preferably with experience, before it happens.‘the only caveat on this is reactive hypo, after eating’

even on insulin, T2’s are normally supplementing their insulin out-put and is perhaps why you haven’t had a hypo.
there is a safety margin for treat 70 on hypo drugs, medically a hypo is less than 50

Thank you so very much guys he is on one med that could make him Hypo but it has not. The lowest he has ever gotten is 82 so I guess I don’t really hav much to worrie about. I feel so much better now you guys are a lot of help.

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@PinkCoffee in the event you our your husband has interest, I did a videochat for TuDiabetes on exercise and type 2 diabetes.

All you need do is look up my name. Joanne Duncan-Carnesciali.

All the best!

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here it is (it was very good imo!)