What do I need now that I'm getting the pump?

Hi all,

I got approved for the tSlim last week. And they are sending to me this week. I'm so happy. But I've never been on a pump. I don't see and ENDO. Just my physician. I don't want to get an ENDO at this time as I work very hard to control my Type 1 and do a very good job.

Anyway now that I'm not on MDI with my FlexPens I need to know what is needed as far as supplies go. I'm getting the Comfort 13mm 32" for my inset. I know that in the box the pump comes in that there will be syringes to use for filling the pump. But what else?

I want to stay on Novolog as well. So give me a list so I can talk to my Doctor this week for an update on my prescriptions. Also I need to get MEDCO setup for my 3 month supplies.

Off to Canada and can't wait to hear what you all have to contribute.

Congrats, you will love the tSlim. Aside from what comes with tSlim cartridges (syringe/needles) and the inset, you do not need anything else except alcohol swaps to prep the site.

You may also consider a dexcom CGM, it really has helped me.

BTW, please post how you like the Comforts....I am on a 9mm but think I am having problems with absorption.

I will let you know how they work out as I run about 25miles a week and needed an inset that worked well.

I assume they ship no insulin with the tSlim. So I figure that I need to get a request to my Doctor this week for it. But I need to know what amount to request.

OK - Didn't realize that I could just keep using my Novolag pens as my source of insulin. Awesome. So I think I just need syringes. So I'll ask my Doc for some. Don't know how much I'll be loading the pump with though. I do 15-16 units of Levemir in the morning. And 3 Novolag per carb choice. I eat fairly low carb. Usually no more than 15 per meal. And I eat alot of Veggies (Salads). I also run about 4-8 miles every other day. Sometimes 3 days in a row. So if I'm setting up the pump for a 3 day change then I would fill with....??? I'm thinking 150units worth to start. Wonder if that's correct.

I used 32u of Levemir prior to starting the OmniPod then the t:slim. You’ll have to establish a basal. Hopefully your GP can figure that out. When I started pumping, my GP wasn’t proficient in pumping insulin. I have three basal rates…from .95-1.05u/hr. total daily basal around 25 units. I have the same 1:7 I:C ratio. The first question that I asked on Tu was about using far less total daily insulin. You can expect that, as well.

By the way, I initially used Humalog and used the rest of my pens as my insulin source. Then I switched to vials. My insurance insisted that I switch to Novolog; and I continued with vials.

The pump comes with a Verio IQ meter. Pretty cool and very easy to read!

Please note…no need for syringes except for use in case of pump failure or to sort out unexplained highs.

I'll use up my Novolog pens as well then switch to vials. The Levimer I guess is there as just a backup. I have about 4 pens left.

I plan to start at .50u/hr and test every hour throughout the day. And will check overnight at 12am, 2am, 4 am and 6am. That way I can figure out if any night change needs to be made.

My Doc doesn't due pumps and I don't think he wants to. But I like him and I've taken total control of my disease anyway. I don't really care to see and Endo at this point.

Thanks for the info

Wow, 15g carbs per meal...impressive....I do 60 - 75...time to restart thinking my diet...I love salads, but am a carb addict.

This might be helpful. You’re going to have to have numbers to plug-in to set up your pump. Please confer with your doctor.

Normal Basal Rates (These are mine)

12:00-8:00 AM. 1.05U/Hr. Correction Factor. 1:74mg/dL. How much 1U will drop BG

8:00 AM-8:00 PM. 1.10U/Hr.

8:00 PM-12:00 PM. 1.05U/Hr. Correction Factor. 1:37mg/dL

Insulin to Carb Ratio. 1 unit of insulin to 7 grams of carbs consumed or 1:7

t:slim will also “ask” for target BG goal for each time slot.

You’ll love the fact that you can adjust your basal rate when you run. You can actually name it. That’s a major advantage of pumping. With those long acting Insulins, once you’ve injected, there’s no way to put it on hold. With a pump you can even opt for a temp basal of your choice, including no basal at all for a period of time of your choice, as well.

This is what I've figured out so far. And will finalize values with the Nurse that's doing my tSlim training on Monday morning.

I'm going to be using 0.5u per hour as my Basal. Will need to figure out what I need overnight from 12:00 - 8:00am yet.

Insulin to Carb Ration. 1 unit for 5 carbs (1:5)

Thanks for letting me know what you use. It's helpful to see how other are using for their settings. Do you only use one profile? I"m planning on a Travel day - Running - Weekend - Work set of profiles. For instance on Travel days I prefer to be a bit higher on my BG. But when I run I need to cut back to 30% or even suspend for a few hours.

I forgot that you’ll Also need to know duration of action…mine 4 hrs. Since I’m no longer working, I have just the above. I do temp basals of 50% when working out. If I’m able to rev it up, I suspend.

Make sure that you come away with an action plan in case of hyperglycemic episodes and for potential pump failure.

How are you liking your TSLIM? I am to get it next week. ;)

Also, my ratio is a bit low than most. I am 1 unit nuvolog per 15 carbs. Is the TSLIM still a good choice?

Hi Jimmy, I just started on my t:Slim about three days ago. It seems to be easily programmed and easy to bolus. I've been pumping for a long time and am on my 5th pump. You probably using much less insulin now that you're on the pump. I don't know how you can do with so few carbs but as we all of us should know ymmv. I load 300 U and just change the infusion site every 3 days. I'm not sure yet but that approach should work with the t:Slim just like the others I've had. I'm sure that's not the recommended way to do it but I've been doing it that way for over 10 years.
Good luck to all of us who are new to this pump.