What do we know for sure about nutrition?


Yup. I find protein and fat easy to bolus for, even when eating low carb. With a high carb meal, I can essentially ignore them altogether.


I have to eat 2400 calories a day because I am 5 ft 4 and 117 pounds. If I was any thinner I would not look healthy. I ride treadmill 20 in morning moderate speed we walk dogs 30 at night . I teach Yoga. Without exercise I’d probably eat a lot less. I take very tiny dose of insulin due to my exercise. Syringes never could give me a small enough dose pump is great… can take a small percentage of a unit.i eat complex carbs about 4-5 per meal. My a1c 4.5. No complications after 45 years. Very rare do I have many lows. I eat 20 grams fat per meal that does not include fat in chicken fish or tofu, fruit non fat plain yogurt with a bit of melted chocolate.a lot of raw veggies. I’m never feeling deprived. I love the way I eat after 45 years cholesterol 150 no meds for it and good and bad cholesterol excellent. It pays off to eat healthy. I read labels so I know how many carbs I eat each meal


You’ve obviously found a good interplay between sustained good nutrition and healthy exercise.

Your comment replied to something I wrote almost three years ago --I had to go back and reread! You’re doing much better than I am in the cholesterol number department. I hope you give your genetics at least some of the credit. Thanks for stopping in.


My entire family has bad cholesterol. I give it to 45 years of eating nothing unhealthy.
45 years of type 1 No complications of any kind.


I am also 68 years old. Turned type 1 at 22
So had it actually 46 years
Thanks for your words:)


SWhen I was 24 my cholesterol was high and my Endo said better get it down. I was eating red meat once in a while then and I totally changed my eating for the last 44 years. I never eat high fat saturated anything I stick to fruit every meal non fat plain yogurt tofu, chicken or fish or low fat cheese eat 3 ounces protein for dinner plus yogurt and 3 ounces for breakfast low fat cottage cheese, applesauce and peanut butter and soy milk and two ounces protein ie peanut butter string cheese for lunch and yogurt fruit or variation and yogurt every meal. Veggies for dinner tons of veggies… high fiber carbs I eat about 70 carbs at dinner 60 for lunch and 70 carbs at breakfast oatmeal and high fiber waffle at breakfast. I do not drink or smoke. I need to eat a lot due to my exercise. I avoid low fiber carbs. It works for me but most people eat a lot differently. I don’t feel like it’s big deal and I treadmill 24/7 and watch news so 30 minutes flies by. We walk our doggies every night 30 minutes up hills. I’m sure that helps. Best luck to you


Teach exercise classes too :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Every T1 I know has different dietary needs. My son reacts terribly to cereal and his cousin reacts terribly to pizza. She has a carb limit and he does not. They both know their triggers. For now, we choose to balance his meals instead of limiting carbs. I imagine that might change over time. We would probably limit intake if he was over weight with or without diabetes. My sister and I do not have diabetes but if she ate the way I eat, she would gain weight. Every single person has different dietary needs and I think T1 just complicates that further.