What do you call it?

You know that thing that happens sometimes when you carefully select your injection site, inject carefully and slowly, wait the normal time for everything to settle before you pull out the needle, and BOOM out comes a big old drop of blood mixed with insulin...or three...or ten...and runs all over the place and stains everything...gah...

What do you call it?

A gusher?
A back-draft?
A geyser?

I need a good name for that because it freaks me out when I see it running down my stomach as I dive for a tissue; I want to knock it down to size by giving it a goofy name.

If I'm in the right mood, I love the at-tude of calling injecting insulin "shooting up" as in, "Be right back, y'all, I gotta go shoot up." (This always gets a laugh at work.)

I need an equally tough way of referring to what happens next sometimes.

"shooting back" ?!!?

I think gusher is probably the term I use and that I've seen other people use. I don't let them bug me that much but there's a couple spots that the Medtronic CGM needle, a bit bigger than an insulin syringe, will cause one that's bled pretty freely for about 10 minutes. I sort of know where they are and it hasn't happened for a while but it's sort of inevitable that I'll get one again sooner or later and it's certainly inconvenient.

I call them gushers as well. Don't get many thank goodness!

I hate gushers.. Always happens when I am at a rush for time and have changed out a set or sensor at an inopportune time. They make me late and time management and I are not friends.( The slight adult ADD in me) lol.

god bless.

I usually just say, "Aaack!" Do you think that'll catch on as an alternative name for a gusher?

A blood blomb.

Niagara Falls.

I sometimes get the "gusher, red fountain, squarts" when pricking finger to test. Hate it when that happens and blood goes all over the place, down the front of my outfit when I am out to eat. GURRR

I have no name but a strategy to share. I take a spoon and press it with the round side on the bleeding spot. The cool metal and the pressure will stop the internal bleeding. Usually this will make the following bruise much smaller in size so it can heal quicker. If there is no spoon at hand you can also use the insulin pen itself.