What Do You Call The Big D?

I don’t consider it a disease.

I don’t Consider it an Illness.

I Just call it Diabetes.

It’s not a disease in the sense that you can catch it and eventually die from it, It’s not an Illness that goes away after a while, But it is a health issue that has it’s own definition. that’s why I just say it’s Diabetes it has it’s own rules. What do you call it?

a chronic disease .

For me, it’s a disease, a chronic condition that we can die from.

I also call it a disease…a condition I have.

My first endocrinologist called it a “chronic condition.” I forget what his reasoning was… I think he thought “disease” made it sound like it was something that was contagious or that would prevent me from doing something, and “illness” sounded like it was something that would go away, like the flu. I would say either chronic condition or chronic disease. Disease to me has a very “contagious” sound to it, while illness does sound like something you recover from.

I guess I’ll go with Dr. Hansen, and call it a “chronic condition.”