What do you consider "Low Carb"?

I consider anything under 25 gms low carb. Since I am a 1:10 ratio for half of the day (and eat more during this time), 2 or 2.5 units is okay by me. What are your thoughts?

With the exception of an iced mocha in the morning around 10:00, I keep everything at or below 15 gms of carbs as a general rule. I do “splurge” and go up to 20 gms or even 25 for a real treat every once in a while.

The mocha can be covered with 4-6 units of Novolog. Any dose over 6 units seem HUGE to me and I try to avoid that. I’m a snacker and graze throughout the day.

Since I don’t cook and I eat out more than I should, I TRY to stay under 45 carbs per meal… if possible.

I’m a T2 and I don’t consider it low carb unless it’s 15 grams or less. If you are talking about 25 grams for an entire meal, I would consider that low carb.

I consider an ITEM under 25 gms low carb. That is me though.