What do you divide by?

I’m taking a poll and would love to know what others use for their sliding scale, what number they divide by. I had to deal with an unbelievably ignorant Endocrinologist when I went in for surgery (this was years ago). The first words out of his mouth were “I don’t like your sliding scale” (this is despite the fact that my medical record showed I’m obviously in good control). I divide by 70 and sometimes (in the morning, when my basal rates are at their highest) even that can be too much. To boot, when admitted for the surgery, he ordered a sliding scale dividing by 40!! To this day, it infuriates me, his stupidity. Anyway, I’d just love to know what others divide by. I think 40 is fairly typical, but you don’t know unless you ask. So guys? What do you divide by?

BG - 100 divided by 20 ----------- except after 8:30 PM and then I divide by 30.

You know we are not supposed to question our doctors–right!!! Some are very full of themselves.

I question everything, always : ) This doc also told me I would need to take Synthroid for the rest of my life (I had one lobe of my thyroid removed) until I questioned it and found I really didn’t need it. He should really retire. Thanks for the reply!

I also thought , that sliding scales are a thing of the past , when I was taught "carb counting " …about the year 2000 ( here in Canada ) .Carb and correction ratios are IT …and yes everyone has different ratios ( sensitivity to insulin )

is that what that stuff is that he is full of? That reminds me to take my dog out for his nightly “dr.”

I’m pretty sure insulin sensitivity factor or correction factor or whatever you want to call it is what the original poster means. Technically there is no dividing when you are using a sliding scale–you just take a certain number of units based on where on the scale your blood sugar is at. But there is division for a correction/insulin sensitivity factor–you have a target, and divide however much above that target you are by whatever your factor is.

I personally take 1 unit for every 2 mmol/L I want to correct, which would mean I would divide by 36 mg/dl.

Okay, now I’ve probably confused everyone. Of course, I don’t use a “sliding scale” to determine how much insulin to give with food. I use my insulin/carb ratios. I use, at least what I call, a sliding scale to determine how much insulin to give when my sugar is HIGH. That’s the only time I use that. What do you do to determine how much insulin to give for a high? I’m guessing ISF is for insulin sensitivity factor (I’m too lazy to look this up right now)? And if so, that still doesn’t mean much to me… No equation used?

Thank you, yes, you are absolutely correct in what I was meaning to say in my first post. I’ve been using this equation since 1982 and no doctor has ever mentioned anything else to use (well, what I divide by has changed dramatically, but equation/method remains the same). I take what my sugar is, minute 100 and divide by…‘X’ number. That ‘X’ number is what I was wanting to know of everyone.

Sorry for all the confusion guys.

Shows you how much I know about my diabetic management. I couldn’t figure out what you meant Tiffany by the sliding scale (had never heard of this before). I just know that 1 unit for every 3 mmol/L is what corrects me. I am terrible at math - so can’t give you more of a precise answer in mg/dl as I only know mmol/L (know that 1 mmol/l equals 18 mg/dl). I’m not much help am I? Feeling like a useless nit twit here just writing this out to you all.

Anna from Montreal - Trials and Tribulations of a Diabetic

LOL Robin. This is one of the reasons I have been thru’ a few endos over my years. Now, I have one that isn’t too full of himself - both our feet up on the desk - and shoot the breeze. He’s going to be retiring soon, and once again, I’m going to have to find another endo - or I may just have to find a GP (don’t have one since moving to Quebec - none are taking on patients due to lack of doctors - but it’s much the same everywhere these days).

You sound much better at math than I am! I knew all of us are different in many ways in how we handle taking care of ourselves, what our bodies need, this just seals it : )

I think , you just un- confused me :slight_smile: …good news for me I’'ll say … I have several sensitivity settings on my pump : 12 am : 4.2 , 7 am :5.6, 11am : 4.0 , 6 pm : 3.8 …basicly it is carb ratio divided by 5 ,…please note, that I rarely eat beween 12 am and 7 am …the number maybe an estimate for me . Does this make more sense now Tiffany ?

I’m actually do this now… My post meal was 243 hotdogs at the Braves game weren’t so good to my BS but sure were good… My endo has me dividing by 40 before 9pm afterwards by 50 so I don’t go too low…


1 unit:25mg/dl, but depends a little on time of day. I need a little more early and late in the day…more like 1:20.