What do you do for painful neuropathy in your feet?

I have lost the fat pads on both of my feet and can only wear special padded shoes. I get stress fractures in my feet from hard walking surfaces. I’ve tried medications, even strong pain relievers, compounded neuropathy creams, etc. but I find that if I put my feet on an ice pack they feel better. I don’t like being so restricted with walking and getting around! I would like to find a way to not have to use strong meds!?

The pain that you are experiencing from the loss of the fat pads is not the same as neuropathy pain and I doubt the neuropathy stuff will help for that. I have neuropathy and I also have the same fat pad problem because I lost part of my heel due to an infection and had foot reconstruction.

I also have to use a special orthotic, but what I found that helps the most is using Dr. Scholl’s gel heel cushions. They give a little extra padding for my heel in addition to the orthotic so it helps. I have to change it every week though – I can tell when it is getting worn down and the pain comes back.

As far as neuropathy, you should take Alpha Lipoic Acid. You need to take 600 mg a day – better to take 200 x 3 than all at once. That won’t help if you don’t get your BS in range.

I used to take Vitamin B for the pain also – that really helps a lot. Another good one is Benfotiamine.