What do you do when someone else has your car?

My husband and i went to a wedding reception last night and left my car with the valet. I had left my glucometer in it’s little zippered pack along with my test strips and lancets in the car. I also left my little cooler pack in the car and had put my insulin in my purse along with a couple of syringes. I had checked my blood sugar right before we went inside. When we got back into the car afterwards I saw my glucometer pack on the floor. I opened it up and the test strips were in disaray with one bent over and stuck in the cap of the bottle, which was on crooked. And it wasn’t zipped all the way shut. My cool pack had been gone through also. I normally carry a little glucose shot, a couple of extra syringes, a low carb bar, a little blister pack of nausea medicine and some antiacids ( I frequently have stomach problems). Everything was upside down and the syringes had been opened. It was still in the car though.
Of course I threw away the syringes. And I realize the valet must have opened the things to see if I had drugs in there. My question is this, what do I do in the future? I am somewhat amazed to find things gone through like that. Do I try to keep things in the trunk after this? Do I put them in the glove box and lock it?
What do you all do when a valet or someone else has your car?

i always carry everything with me in my purse, and never leave it in the care of anyone else. but in your case i would have locked it in the glove box. it’s where i put my satellite radio and GPS when i have to park my car in places for long times or strange places.

Well, I think that first of all, you need to report this valet to the event coordinator at this location. They should not be rehired. I don’t keep ANYTHING in my car because I live in Texas and after a couple hours in the car, a glucometer isn’t going to work anymore anyway (yay, heat). But I think if your glovebox locks and you can give them only a valet key, that would be ideal. Unfortunately, if they are going to go through your stuff, little can stop them. You can only make it less visibly tempting for them. My husband usually dissuades me from the ease of valet for just that reason. So sorry that happened to you. At least you noticed and were able to throw out the damaged goods!