What do you do when you want a hot drink?


Sucralose is marketed under the brand name “Splenda”.

If I recall correctly, DaVinci syrups use sucralose and/or acesulfame potassium for sweetener.


Hot Water with Lemon
1 Cup bullion Soup or broth

Herbal tea… some don’t really need sweetner… you just need to find one you like.


Love green tea, but when I need something more sinful it’s hot cocoa. Unsweetened cocoa powder, heavy cream with some water (can’t use milk without spikes) & liquid chocolate flavored stevia because one can’t have too much chocolate!

Blueberry tea sounds great.


I would love to be able to use Stevia, but it’s not locensed anywhere in the EU.


I have been eating very low carb since New Years and have weaned my way off sweeteners. I have been drinking cocoa made with a teaspoon of plain cocoa powder and a couple tablespoons of half and half stirred up, then I fill the rest of the cup with boiling water.

It took a while to get used to, now it tastes fine. Very much like the way I got used to drinking coffee without sugar years ago. Quite cheap too as the cocoa powder lasts forever.


Coffee or brown tea.


Gerri, how do you make blueberry tea? Is there such a tea out there already? I love fresh blueberries, but when they aren’t in season, the frozen ones are much cheaper. I eat about a half a cup at a time. These are an indulgence for me, but they are mostly my fruit of choice. They don’t seem to bounce me as much as other fruits do. fresh or frozen (with no sugar) strawberries are the same way.


Hi Gerri

I make hot cocoa from unsweetened cocoa powder, powdered milk, hot water, and sweetner (usually splenda) The powdered milk doesn’t seem to raise my glucose and with enough of it in there you get the creamyness that heavy cream offers. I’ve also tried it with regular coffeemate to add creaminess… but I notice that does raise my glucose.


Black coffee without sugar or green/jasmine tea would have to be it for me.


Hi Saundra,

Blueberries are my favorite! I can eat them in moderation without bad effects also. So hard not to eat too many for me, but a little is better than nothing.

I was responding to Rick’s post about blueberry tea. He mentioned that Celestial Seasonings makes this. Will have to try it. Sounds good!


Hi Sylvia,

Will have to try powdered milk. Thanks for the suggestion.


I was sad to find that the Splenda tablets at the grocery have maltodextrin in them. Too bad every sugar substitute has .5 grams of carbs added to every packet/teaspoon. =(

I go for Good Earth Spice tea lately. It has something in it to sweeten it, but doesn’t have any caloric value.


Thanks for the tip Gerri. I will look for it.


Let me know what you think of it. I’ve never noticed this flavor in my stores.


When there is no herbal tea available I enjoy a cup of hot water with lemon juice in it.


Sylvia, if you’re aiming for low carbs, actual cream or half and half would be better than coffeemate or even regular or powdered milk. Somehow cream has less carbs than milk, and certainly less than artificial creamers.


hot drings i use are tea coffee and herbs, but when i feelchilly i need some spices in soups like cinammon pepper red pepper cloves garlic onion, the best hot drink is milk cooked with cinnamon and cloves and butter


black tea with milk is the best. Hate coffee


you had me until you mentioned milk in your tea. LOL! My mother used to put milk in my tea when I’d drink it in merry ole England so many years ago. I think milk ruins the taste of tea.


I largely avoid caffeine (except for chocolate) and am allergic to dairy. So I drink the following:

Unsweetened vanilla almost milk with hot water
Steamed unsweetened almond milk with cinnamon
Hot water with cocoa powder, stevia, and maybe mint
Herbal tea or decaf Earl Grey with stevia

I’m currently trying to find a drink that tastes something like a peppermint white mocha. :slight_smile: