What do you do when you want a hot drink?


At least for tea, I am fortunate in that I have never used any sweetener in it. In fact it took me awhile to find a bottled iced Tea without any form of sweetener it.
It is Honest Tea non sweetened Peach Ginger Tea. Maybe you could heat it up.

My parents with both heavy sugar users, Ugh.
No they were not diabetics. Actually I know of no one in my extended family that is a T2.
There is some rumor that my grandfather was “old age onset” but not much is remembered about it.


Splenda is my friend.


For me I after giving up sugary drink around the late 70’s
My body has adjust to not having sweets, real or fake.
It did not stop me from being a diabetic.
By mistake I was given sweet Tea instead of unsweetened. I just gagged and just about through up.
Sweet food is a learned response, it can be unlearned.

Sugar is additive.


Japanese miso is fermented soy bean, it can be added to a casserole or stew at the end of cooking, or adding a teaspoon to a cup of hot water it makes a lovely warming drink. I buy it in the supermarket.