What do you do when?

We just started my daughter on DexCom 7. First sensor lasted 12 days with NO PROBLEMS. Her second sensor has been in three days and we get these long stretches of ??? several times a day. I've read all the commentary about silicon goo etc in this group. Not sure if that's the issue.

I'm looking for more practical advice from Dexcom users -- is this normal? how long do you wait before you try to fix? does turning sensor on/off help etc. When do you know you just need to change the sensor?

Abbie has very little real estate for placing a sensor, so we want to make each one last as long as possible.


Always keep the package.... so when you call tech support you can give them the info. I would say call and see if they will replace it. I haven't experienced that. I also write the date on the package.... because remembering is tough... then you know if you got your week's worth when you call them.

First off after months running this interesting solution I note thr following:

Sometimes the turbulence on the blood system and then filtered by the interstitial tissue
are most suggestive that the filtering software can somertimes get lost during this turbulence.

The start-up 2 hour softwrae can be most sensitive followed by the normally running stuff.

So far my read is as follows:

a) sometimes sensor goes bad and no choice but to replace. Othet times liver dumps; activities can cause havoc.

b) most consistent approach with best recovery steps is:

- stop sensor immediately.
- use cave man machine /fingerstick machine to check BG and ensure it has stabalized down.
- restart sensor and wait the 2 hours; if at end of 2 hours still ??? - replace sensor.
- many times I have had sensor come up and get back going without any further issues.
- my read - their software does note cope well with nasty turbulence body/liver can dish out

Good luck and continue to share with us all.

This has happened to me quite a few times. Sometimes the ??? will go away and resume normal trending but sometimes not. If it's during the day time and I have had stable readings, I will try to wait a while to see if it comes back. Sometimes it does, sometimes not. Dexcom says you should wait 3 hours but I normally don't wait any longer than 2 because if you lose 2 hours, then another 2 with startup of a new sensor, that's half a day lost. If it's at the end of the day, with a child, I'd change the sensor to avoid going through the night without it.

Sometimes restarting the sensor will work but if I have a sensor that gives me ??? more than once, I normally change it out. Too frustrating to deal with. I've also noticed that I have one part of my abdomen that has given me ??? both times I've used that site so I don't plan to use that site again.

Also if you get the ??? when you're past the 7 days that typically means you just need to change it right away.

If you call Dexcom and tell them what's happening, they will replace the sensor. Carolyn is right - keep the package and write the date on it every time you change a sensor in case you need to call them.

You have described the situation well. Answers - Dexcom needs to hop in and respond and provide guidance.

Where are you mounting sensor?

Is this an issue related to my personnal experience - I do not know.

Per your description, I got tired of the undetermined wait, Since nothing rational surfaced in 10 months, I decided the 2 hour stop/restart provided best chance of resolving/replacing a questionable sensor and was least wearing on the nerves. I need to get on with my life rather than Dexcom becoming my whole life. two hours fastest and 4 hours worst case - remove and replace and second 2 hour startup seemed most rational. What do I know. Maybe those with more experience and deeper knowledge could way in.

Thank you for sharing and commenting to help us all.

Every once in a while a sensor just won't perform well. My guess is that it could be a bad insertion (needle goes in crooked) or possibly bad luck with the insertion site. I've read about dehydration problems as well, but I'll assume your daughter isn't dehydrated. If I have ??? problems on the first day, I stick with it and usually the sensor will start operating fine by the second day. ??? problems in the third day are more unusual and would lead me to call Dex and replace the sensor. I might try a re-start, but those are hit-or-miss for me. Good luck with this. ??? and other sensor problems are a big frustration for us users (see my 3-yr report below).

If it's been 3 days and still not working, I'd call Dexcom. They're pretty good about sending out replacements.
I have had 2 bad sensors (in 8 months), and normally would call if not having good results after first 24 hours.

Also, when inserting, always double check that the transmitter is locked in on both corners. Often I have to snap in the second corner 'by hand', as it doesn't click in when using the 'twist-off' lever. That can result in ???.

Iwould get this every time I showered, after complaining to Dexcom they changed out Receiver and Transmitter, Working great now. Good luck

Thanks everyone! We ended up taking a break from the Dexcom and are going to try again this week!

let us know how it goes when you start up again. I'm new to Dexcom and am learning a lot from these discussions.

And yes, sometimes you just need to step away from an issue.
Big props to your commitment to your daughter's diabetes management. You are setting her off to a life time of
sensible management. My mom did it for me and I am forever grateful.


excellent overall comments.

happy new year