What do you do

example say your ratio for novolog is 1:17 at lunch and say something you are going to eat is 40g of carbs. Thats 2u for the 34g but what about the other 6 do you bolus another for that or not? How do you figure the grams out when they are half way mark like this?

Well that's the downside of shots! When I was on shots I would round either up or down depending on a couple things: In that example your "remaining carbs" of 6 are pretty low, so I would "round down" and just take 2. If it had been, for example 48 carbs I would have probably rounded up instead of down. Also, especially if the carbs are borderline like my 48 example I would take into account my blood sugar before eating. If I was on the low side I would "round down", on the high side I might round up. So I'd consider the two factors. If, of course I was planing to walk like you mentioned after lunch then rounding down would also be preferable. With a pump I would of course take the exact dose of 2.35

I'd get a pump :-) Seriously, this was one reason I went on the pump. I could never eat the right amount of carbs for the right amount of insulin. I always ended up feeling like I ate more or less than I wanted in order to "match" the insulin I was taking. I also am a BAD judge of knowing exactly how hungry I am. Sometimes, I think I'm STARVING, but when I start to eat I get full pretty fast. On the pump, I frequently find myself bolusing for about 1/2 of my meal, and then doing the rest of the bolus at the end to account for what I actually ate.

Ok, time for honesty. I overbolus. I do it on purpose. Especially for dinner. I would do three units in your case. And then when I test 2 hours after dinner and see my blood sugar at 80 mg/dl, I would have no choice but to eat a bowl of low carb ice cream with chocolate syrup on top.

Also, in truth, as a T2 with some remaining insulin production, if I underbolused and was a tad high at 2 hrs (6g of carbs raises me 12-18 mg/dl), I could depend on a slow steady return to normal blood sugars over the next few hours anyway.

I don’t eat that many carbs in one meal anymore, but I would usually round up or down depending on what my bg is, if it needs correction either way, what the food is and how I seem to react to it and exercise etc. this is a situation where a pen with health units, a pump or a syringe is good. I also leave some of the dose for protein/fat etc.

Use a half units pen: Novopen junior or echo or demi link