What do you eat when you want something SWEET?

What do you eat when you want something sweet in between times to eat like no carb or very low carb .

A glass of milk with cocoa powder, truvía, and ice, in a blender. Or those south beach fiber bars, or protein bars.

I actually go the other way and go eat something salty like say olives…

Actually I have a SF dark chocolate bar from Amberlyn. They don’t seem to raise my BG’s that bad only by 5-10.

2 hershey kisses or one miniature Reese’s cup

Usweetened baker’s chocolate melted with butter, stevia & some heavy cream & then chilled. Super rich! You didn’t say low calorie:)

Almonds dipped in melted unsweetened baker’s chocolate with stevia for sweetness. Yum.

Hot chocolate made with unsweetened cocoa powder & 1/2 cup heavy cream & 1/2 cup water.

Yep, it’s got to be chocolate!

I love to drink diet lipton tea. It has no carbs. And it tastes good. Flavorite light apple juice. It’s the best tasteung applejuice I’ve ever Tsted and it only has 6 carbs for a whole cup. There the opodite if sweet bur oustacios r awesome. So tasty

Since I haven’t eaten sugar in so long fruit tastes nice and sweet to me. Unfortunately I can’t eat it in the quantities I used to but a handful of grapes or blueberries, a small apple or 1/2 mango taste really good to me. I don’t snack so I usually have the fruit for lunch with some cheese.

Those all sound good specially the almonds in chocolate why didnt I think of that ! Thanks guys

a couple of m&m’s…keep in mind i didn’t say the whole bag :wink: i also like now and laters because they last a long time and one doesn’t hurt my bs

I have a few MM’s. There’s 30 something carbs in 1/4 cup, so a few isn’t that bad. If I really want to be bad, it’s twizzlers all the way! I can’t say no to those!

Amanda, you and I are of like minds!

1 (bite sized) sugar free Hershey dark chocolate. Sometimes the sugar-free jello fruit cups…


Anything chocolate, just don’t let me keep anything around the house cuz I will eat it!

My my…lots of chocoholics here! Count me in =)

chees and crackers and then I bake cookies or a cake that I will NOT eat ,but the smell satifies me and the cheese and crackers fill me up enough. I know I’m weird. : )

I first drink a glass of water, then wait to see if the SWEET thing passes. If so, great. If not, then I eat 3 squares of a Hershey’s Special Dark bar and a few almonds or walnuts. Sometimes when there isn’t any chocolate, I will eat a cup of non-fat pina colada yogurt. That definitely satifies my SWEET.