What do you mean testing BG is not normal

After working in open office space for 3 years and testing 3-4 times during the day, I forget not everybody is exposed to db management. There are a few T2s in the the office and they get the concept. My boss thinks it is a little odd that I can answer the phone, send and e-mail and test for sugars all at the same time. To me it is part of life-- I fit it in where I can.

I have gotten out of the habit of hiding! If test at work, good maybe people will ask me questions, maybe the T2’s will finally start walking with me at lunch, maybe a T3 will encourage their loved one to go to the D-support group. Sure some days it is the age old question " how bad are you?", other days it is “cool meter where did you get it” or “can you help me with the carb count on this?”

I am not a soap boxer by all means, but if people don’t see me managing my D-game how are they ever going to know how wide spread this disease is!

I do the same…right after I got my pump–I carried an open extra infusion set (less the needle) to be able to explain to those interested how it works…I am supposed to get my CGMS today–so when i get that down—I’ll share that too…

I know not everyone is comfortable sharing, but I think the more that are–the less strange it/we will be.

Check everywhere here too. I figure people don’t look at you funny when you drink a glass of water, so …