What do you miss? and how do you manage?

december 14th will be three years since i last had a salad or any vegetables that weren’t pureed pumpkin, butternut squash or peeled, seeded cucumbers.
i miss big greek salads, caesar salads, spinach and all the fresh raw leafy greens.
there have been a lot of substitutions in my life, trying to find things that remind me of the comfort foods i miss but nothing can completely replace them.
like my recent discovery that fried wonton noodles don’t make me sick and remind me a little bit of what i recall popcorn tasting like. it’s probably not the same to anyone else but it’s close enough to work for me as a crunchy movie watching snack once in a while.

i’m wondering what other people miss and whether you’ve found anything that makes a reasonable substitution for you?

I surely feel for you. The quandry of gastroparesis and trying to get a healthful diet. I guess that I am very fortunate. I still eat foods with fiber and bulk. Nausea, bloated feeling,vomiting(sometimes for days)…so thats why people die from vomiting. do accompany my choices of food of course, going to have the same sorts of symptoms(maybe less) if I choose to try very hard to eat a diet aimed at gastroparesis. I think my quality of life is better with good beautiful healthy food even if sometimes I suffer greatly. It needs to be a balancing act. Good life counts ALOT!

wish i could do that! I miss veggies so much. losing 30 pounds in two weeks pretty much got me convinced that fiber is bad for me. that and the graphic description my gastroenterologist gave of how a bezoar is removed endoscopically, to deter me from eating the cruciform vegetables ever again.
i was also losing tooth enamel from all the vomiting and had 9 teeth repaired the year after my gastroparesis was diagnosed.

it literally brings tears to my eyes to think about how that must be, Ihave had some periods when my belly works particularly badly and then much better. stress, mental or physical seems to make things not work, walking seems to help as long as I don’t get too energetic. I also get a drug called cisapride/Propulsid in a compassionate use program special thanks to my gastroenterologist for dealing with the paperwork on that one. off label use before they took it offthe market because of heart rythm irregularities. stress reduction helps peace and good luck