What do you need?

Hi community,

can I ask you what it is that you need to make the life that you want to live and to be the person that you want to be (besides insulin of course)? Perhaps it is diabetes related, perhaps not.

I do not live with diabetes myself, but my buddy just got diagnosed, and I want to understand the life and all the struggles of someone who lives with diabetes better. Especially, what is necessary to achieve your goal(s), is it really different than what I need?

There is of course a lot of research on the topic and I was able to read through a lot of posts here, however, I would love to hear it first hand :slight_smile:

I am looking forward to your answers!

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Hi @Niels, does your friend have type 1 or 2? It does make a difference on how it’s treated.
Since you talk about insulin I’m assuming it’s type 1 but???

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Patience, patience, patience. A diabetic tends to have greater mood swings, especially when they are not well controlled. It takes time and patience to learn what works best for a newly diagnosed individual and your buddy has the double whammy of trying to figure this all out all while being hit from all sides with information, medication, advise, coming to terms with the diagnosis and coping with the effects of this disease all at the same time which is why my best initial advise is patience, patience, patience.

Welcome to our forum. Here you will get plenty of information and lots of support too. We all wish you the best in your endeavor to learn and to help out your friend.

It’s gonna take him time to figure this out. Its great to have a supportive friend. Be a friend. Its gonna take time.

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Some extra willpower, this is all what I need. :slight_smile:


Hi Marie,

It is type 1 indeed.

Thank you for this great answer!

@Niels It takes extra time whenever you decide to eat, you have to calculate insulin, whenever you decide to exercise, you either need less insulin or a hypo snack, unless it’s very strenuous exercise, then the drop might not happen until later. You always need to make sure you take a hypo treatment and insulin with you.

My point is, we have to think about it more, it doesn’t mean we still can’t do the things we want, or eat the things we want, but now there are extra things we have to consider that becomes a part of us we can never fully separate from.

And once we control our diabetes, instead of it controlling us, we can just about do what we want to (I say just about because pretty much being an astronaut that goes to the moon right now is out, but is anyone going to the moon anyway?)

But yea, it’s different from what you need, because you maybe could decide to drive across to a different state right now, hop in the car and go? Not us, not without taking enough insulin and syringes etc that we have to have. It’s there for keeps.