What do you put in/keep in a basement tornado safe place?

I had to run downstairs the other night as the sirens started up and thought, “Im spectacularly unprepared for this.” I figured I had maybe 10 minutes to collect things? What should I have collected besides flashlight, glucose tabs, tester?

Insulin? Bottled water? Family photos?

That’s a hard one.

I have all my stuff in cases that I keep close by (insulin, pen needles, tester gear, dextrose, gels) but If an earthquake struck? With my luck? I’d be in the laundry room and all my great plans would go down in a hail of bricks.

Sense of humor?

I put the laptop full o’ pics in the basement but then I went in the sunroom/ lightning room to enjoy the show. LOL, you are in Elmhurst and I’m in Naperville so it was probably the same storm? There was a big purple blob that was in Oswego, headed our way on the radar but, by the time I got the computer downstairs, it had hopped to the southeast, south of 55 and I was reasonably confident that tornadoes would miss us, although I heard there were some pretty hairy ones in your neighborhood.

You want to keep a three day supply of all the need meds either in the basement or close by in a bag.

I live in Ohio, and we get lots of tornado warnings this time of year. I keep a “go-kit” of diabetes supplies in my downstairs bathroom which is close to my basement entrance. You could probably just keep it in your basement too, but this system just works well for me. I keep all my insulin together in a ziplock bag in the fridge, so if I have to run to the basement, I can grab the insulin out of the fridge and the diabetes supplies in my go-kit. (I’m also planning on getting a frio to use in case we lose power, so I can keep my insulin cool) I basically rotate out these supplies as I use up diabetes supplies on a regular basis. So, for example, when I get a new supply of test strips or pump infusion sets from the pharmacy, I’ll switch out what was in my “go-kit” with the new stuff, and use up the old stuff that was in the bag. That way the stuff in the kit doesn’t get old, and I use it and rotate it out. Does that make sense? Also, we have stored a bunch of water in our basement on shelves. We basically have several cases of bottled water, that we also rotate out on a regular basis and use. My suggestion would be to have ~ 3 days worth of diabetes supplies and water. So, that’s 3 days worth of strips, needles or pens or infusion sets (whatever you use) alcohol swabs, a bottle of glucose tabs, lancets, and maybe some extra batteries for your devices. And obviously flashlights and battery powered radios and all that stuff is a good idea, too. If you’re interested in storing some food, I think high calorie/portable, non perishable things might be a good idea? www.ready.gov is a great web-site with ideas for stuff like preparing for disasters. Can you tell we’ve gotten a little obsessed with disaster preparedness in my house lately? :slight_smile: We’ve just seen way too many close calls around here!

I dunno, tornadoes are usually a mile or so wide and there’s dozens of Walgreens strewn around here. It would certainly suck to get hit by one but I don’t take them all that seriously. I have had several close calls and sort of know what they look like on the radar and don’t get that excited by them, other than staring at clouds and lightning and stuff. I was walking the dog when the sirens went off a couple of days ago.

Quite familiar with Oklahoma tornadoes here. First and foremost there are things that I already have and keep in the basement/tornado shelter everytime: unopened bottles of water, dry food with “longer” shelf life like biscuits, crackers, etc. canned goods, first aid kit, blankets, batteries, flashlight, battery powered radio. Though these items are replaced/changed after a period of time. For meds and diabetic supplies and accessories, we have a 3-day supply kit that is easily and readily accessible in a bag.

Yep. We were without power 24 hrs, without landline til Thurs pm, and still without Comcast. Comcast is still telling me it’s an areawide outage when my neighbor 2 doors down has it. Hadn’t thought of taking the computer. GOOD IDEA.

Thanks. I’ll add that to the list.

That’s GREAT! I’ve kept my rolling backpack in my closet. Guess I’ll put it downstairs. You’re all so much more sophisticated at this than I’ve been. I’ve prepped for hurricanes, tropical storms, evacuations, etc. etc. Tornado activity is new.
You’re on the right track with disaster preparedness. I just haven’t organized for this. THANKS. You’re on top of the game.

Teena. You’re expert. I’ve copied your list. I didn’t even take my battery powered radio. I can’t believe I was so disorganized.

I have now learned that if I am signed in, I can see what I have replied to each. If I’m NOT signed in, I can see your replies but not mine! Interesting!