What Do you wanna do before you die?

have you heard/ seen the show on mtv called The Buried Life?? cause this is what it's all about...What do you wanna do before you die?? Comment and tell me:) in no certain order here are mine:

  1. be cured
  2. fall in love
  3. crowd surf
  4. be on Broadway
  5. be on Saturday Night Live (be on t.v.)
  6. be in/start a HUGE food fight

to be countinued to 100..

  1. Go to Hawaii to visit my sister

  2. Go to Australia (I’ve always wanted to go!)

  3. Ride my bike across the US.

see the Grand Canyon Not much more.Just live!!!

Slow dance as often as possible

Hold my great grand babies ( even great-great grand babies, if I am lucky)

Feel complete inside because I have loved, been loved, lived and laughed with all my being.

Travel (preferably where there is sun, sand and ocean) open to going anywhere, really!

Be able to say; “I knew that they would find a cure for Diabetes!”

  1. Walk my girls down the isle! (I promised them, and I don’t want to be a liar)
  2. Hold my grandbabies! (nothing better than holding a baby)
  3. Outlive my parents! (no parent should have to bury their child)
  4. Be cured! (it’s a good dream)
  5. Retire!

I like all of yours Mark. :slight_smile:

your number three…i beg to differ…if you saw the news a couple months ago…they’ve got that… it’s called an artifical pancreas…look it up…that’ll explain it better:):slight_smile:




i lived close to the Grand Canyon (Grande Canyon) :slight_smile:


  1. Have a home, a car, and a stable job (seems silly, but at this rate, it feels like it will NEVER happen.)

  2. Have a baby or adopt a baby

3.Visit Europe

4.Go on a hot air balloon ride

  1. Keep my eyesight, my legs, functioning kidneys and liver, etc, etc.

  2. Buy a professional, DSLR camera… and maybe begin a profession in Photography. :slight_smile:

become a okinawa beach bum that collects shisa dogs by the seashore
i would like a diabetes tattoo one day as well…but one that involves skulls and roses…
i wanna beat all the zelda games, and get a little triforce tattoo
and of course to die and be known as the crazy lonely lady with all the cats
and i plan on never owning a pair of high heels or matching dress suits!

So you’ve seen it?? Oh I’m sooooo jealous!!! I live in TN and that’s the one thing I REALLY WANT TO DO!

Those are all good that Mark mentioned, but how about eating a huge chunk of his daughter’s wedding cake and not having to figure out anything because you don’t need to bolus… :}

Not die!!

Sorry, the devil made me do. :smiley:

well than i wanna be a cat lady that sits in her chair and sneaks chocolates all day long

  1. LIve to see my sons married

  2. Hold their children

  3. Grow old with my best friend, my husband

  4. Have a beagle farm

  5. Live in the mountains of western Colorado

  6. Learn to play the piano well enough for people to listen

  7. weigh my correct weight for my height

  8. Make up with my brother

  9. Be brave, be true to my confictions

  10. Read all the Winnie the Pooh books.

Well Dave, since I don’t plan on dying, I just won’t. So, I’ll still be IN Life. No secret there. But I could still sell the non-“secret” on ebay. Some People have wasted money on stupider things. :wink: