What does 2008 brings?

Christmas is around the corner… all I can hear now are Christmas carols… when I was younger every time I hear the word Christmas I feel excited! Christmas for me before was Christmas presents, vacation, reunion and parties… Why I can’t feel excited now? Being a Christian, Christmas for me is the celebration of the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ… well, Christmas gifts, reunions and parties are still experienced but before I was the receiver now I am suppose to be the giver… How can I give when I don’t have money to spend? Still jobless… frustrations are what I’m having this 2007… What does 2008 brings?

Can’t help but cry… feel so helpless and worthless, I can see my husband having a hard time making both ends meet, and I want to help him… but how??? While typing this blog, I’m looking at my husband fast asleep, still you can see the hard life on his face… I got 2 interviews this week, and I got the replies today, the first one replied (I applied as customer service representative): Sorry to inform you that I cannot accept you due to your diabetes, you see, a CSR will have to work on a graveyard shift, and what I know is that someone who has chronic illness such as diabetes are not suppose to stay up late or have to work overnight because it disrupts their circadian rhythm, that would make one more sickly….

The second one (I applied as Branch Supervisor), Sorry to inform you that I cannot accept you this time; I have reservations of endorsing you because I need someone coming from the food industry….

This is soooo disappointing… I am losing my self confidence…

You are NOT required to tell a future employer you have diabetes. They are not allowed to ask you any question that does not directly relate to your job description. If you can do the job and do it well, then they have to hire you and work around your diabetes because of the American Disabilities Act. I never told anyone I had diabetes until I was hired and we worked out some arrangement, because at that point, they are forced into making things work and not coming up with excuses as to why they shouldn’t hire you even though you are a perfectly good candidate. Unless of course you really think the diabetes could pose a problem or diabetes actually makes you a stronger candidate (i.e. you were applying to work at JDRF) then I strongly suggest you leave it out of your conversations.

Hi allison,
Thanks for the comment. :slight_smile: here in the Philippines is a different thing… at the back of the application form the company asked you to fill was a question you cannot deny: Have you ever been diagnosed of a chronic disease?, to prevent a future problem (because after they hire you, they will ask you to undergo check up), I would tell them right away: yes, I have diabetes… sad but well, its the truth…

Hi RObert,
:-), thanks, yeah, I have to go on, I am just pissed the day I was typing the blog… there’s still hope in life, I know God has better plans for me…
Hope you will have a blast at work!
Take care! :slight_smile: