What excited you most?

I am so excited! My pod is on its way and could not be more excited!

What was the number 1 thing you liked about the pod when you first got it? What were you doing prior to pod?

Just curious because I am soo excited!

I was on 3-4 shots per day, 2 kinds of insulin. For me I think the greatest excitement is a toss-up:
a) Just the idea of being a “cyborg” and carrying around this little computer (PDM) that I can use to control the disease. Like, “Hey, I’ve got this diabetes thing in the palm of my hand!”

b) The convenience: no more sneaking off to public restrooms to take a shot or having to find creative ways to keep an insulin pen cool on a hot day away from home/office.

I was on MDI. It was the first one for this doctors office so we had the Omni pod trainer to come and they showed all of us how to use it. They put it on the back of my Arm and it worked so well. Went from using 90 units of insulin to using 30 units.
Had some trouble with getting basels right but My Freestyle navigator warned me of a couple of lows at night but it was very exciting to finally get the pump . Even though I had to pay for it. Going to a restaurant and bolusing at the Table

Hi Wendy…congrats to you!!!I have been using the omnipod since July 6th and I really like it alot…It is so convenient and sometimes I even forget that I am wearing it…It has given me a feeling of freedom as far as not having to take 5 shots a day…[lantus split dose,and humulog at mealtimes]…I love the fact that the basal is doing its job like a “real pancreas”…I have had diabetes for 17 years and this is the happiest I have ever felt concerning this disease…you are going to love it! Take care,Patti

Caleb had been dx’d 3 months earlier and was on injection therapy before he started on the OmniPod. He would say the best thing was not more shots. I would say (and he would also agree) flexibility in what, when and how much he was able to eat. No more 50 carb meals at 7, noon and 5PM on the dot. Good luck.

Prior to the pod I was doing MMMMMDI’s (I am a snacker.) Like everyone, I love the convenience of not only bolusing to eat but also correcting. I might not have reacted to a reading of 130 before, for example. Now I easily correct. Starting out with an ideal # makes it easier to stay in range when eating. I expected to have a concern with the visibility of the pod on my bod, but I have been so happy with it, not worrying about that has been an unexpected bonus. I had a few missteps (very few) at the start…don’t get nervous. You will love it. Congrats.

Getting away from 4 shots a day with Humalog and Lantus as well as getting a better HA1c number. So far, best thing I ever did for my diabetes.

I just started omnipod last month after 7.5 years of various tubed pumps. I went through the majority of my 20’s without being able to wear a dress easily (yes, I tried pockets, holders, holsters, thigh purses, pump-in-bra hiding spots, etc - but still… nothing was easy).

But guess what? I look pretty good in a dress now! :slight_smile:

Be patient with malfunctions, carry back-up pods, and good luck!

Freedom without tubes is the number 1 thing I liked about the pod. People don’t really seem to notice my pod that often unless its lower on my arm.

I had the Deltec Cozmo prior and the whole tubing thing. I’m not embarrassed by diabetes in any way but I couldn’t wear certain clothes cause they would fall down due to how heavy the pump was on my pants.

For me, it was sleeping without a tubed pump. For the first time in 20 years, I could sleep without that dang insulin pump and tubing to drive me crazy. I was meticulous about sleeping with shorts or pants with a back pocket for the pump. Now, I no longer need to worry about that. I still get a rush out of it!

What I most enjoy is the freedom to go to bed at night without having to give myself a “good night” shot (I was on MDI with a shot of lantus around midnight every night). Just being able to have a normal nightly schedule with a simple finger prick instead makes so much of a difference! Welcome to the club and I hope your start goes well!

Oh yes, good one. I used to get into bed 9 out of 10 nights and have to get back up again, realizing I’d forgotten my Lantus.

Oh that is so true! Just last night i rolled over and my pump was stuck under the cat… hes not little either!

I loved getting dressed and not having to deal with tucking a tube into my pants or shorts~so much more freedom now on what I can wear! I love my pod!

I have been on the Omnipod since June of 2008. Prior to that I was on the Deltec Cozmo insulin pump since I think 2004. Before that I was on the H-Tron Disetronic pump from 99-2004. And then waaay back from 98-99 I was taking shots (barely remember that) So I have been pumping for quite some time now and love it! By far my favorite pump has been the Omnipod. I loved the whole “no tubing” thing! I have been so use to being atatched to a pump for almost 10 years and then to switch to a pump with no tubing was so weird for me. FREEDOM! You will truely love it!

The first week I was on the OmniPod, I was constantly grabbing for a nonexistent tubed pump when I was getting dressed for work! Now, I could not imagine lugging that tubed pump around anymore even though I did it for so long.

I was doing 7 shots a day: Humalog, Lantus, & Symlin. Just the thought of not feeling like a pin cushion was exciting for me!