What gauge is that needle anyway?

So yesterday I did a site switch for my Minimed CGM at the same time I did a site switch for my Minimed 522 pump infusion set. For giggles I was comparing the two needles after insertion and the angled infusion set needle fits inside the CGM sensor needle. Yikes!

I’m not squeamish about the injection normally and, in fact, I ice (to numb) my CGM site right before injecting and never feel it. But, it made me wonder what gauge the two needles are; realizing that there is an additional cannula wrapped around the outside of the needle, what is the equivalent gauge of the whole thing? Anyone know?

The MM CGM sensor needle is 23 gauge, according to this useful website: http://www.childrenwithdiabetes.com/continuous.htm

oo too freakin big—I hate it but it catches those sneaky lows for me. But next year, if I have a choice, I am probably going to swtich to an animas ping with a dex…even if they aren’t fully integrated yet.

Thanks - what a great site

I have been using the MM sensor for a little over a year now and I admit I still have to “man up” a bit before sticking that needle in - it is HUGE!

One would think that getting the sensor needle size down would be on the top of their list of improvements - no?

anyone here using EMLA cream? put it on an hour before an insertion, and you feel nothing. I recently saw a dermatologist on another matter, and I asked him about using it (I’ve used it for 15 years) He said it was totally safe for children even.

My wife works in Plastic Surgery so I am familiar with EMLA cream, if I were ever to get a medical tattoo I would definitely apply it. For site injections, I kind of think it’s a little overkill and takes too long and lasts a while.

Honestly, I hold a piece of ice wrapped in plastic wrap on the site for 15-30 seconds and it completely numbs the site. I don’t feel it go in at all, though I still can’t actually look at it and close my eyes when I press the button :slight_smile: