What gives? Low numbers, please help this axunious guy

When i started out my fasting BS was 221, i wanted to do this with no meds at all, and i changed my life a lot. But now i think im going to far, i have been getting readings of 75-85 2 hrs after meals (Tonight is was roast beef and cheese on one slice of rye bread and a can of light beer and some Cashews).

My average fasting is 90-110 and the DR’s thinks this is good.

Im on medication for high blood pressure that seems to have stopped working around the same time my BS started getting lower. I have been freaking out non stop that my kidneys are failing or my liver is shutting down. I even went to the ER last weekend with verry high BP and they said it was coming down and they think i was having a panic attack, i agree but my blood pressure is still not as low as it was when i first started the meds.

I had blood work this week and BUN ratio was 19/0.6, im going to have some tests on my liver next week. I have cut almost all carbs out of my life, just eating nuts and whole grain bread and pop corn and stuff for snacks. I went to drinking light beer only. Very little in the way of carbs. I find my self having cramps in legs and strange pains.

I have panic attacks and freak outs i might go crazy low in my sleep. I was 77last night then i ate a twizzler and I went to bed last night at 88 woke up at 84 (7hrs of sleep). When i was first tested in my life i was at 400+ And for weeks and week as i worked on losing weight and getting my other numbers low i could see the BS drop along the way too, 170, 140, 120 but some how 76 TERRIFIES ME.

Again, on no meds for diabetes, just a strict diet and lots of walking.

You’ve taken it too far. Please contact a therapist, you may need anti-anxiety med in combination with BP meds to ease your worry and anxiety and then I bet everything will seem better to you. Because serious consider yourself lucky. Your fine.

Thanks for the info and ideas guys.

“Normal” blood sugar range is 70 -110. So don’t get all worked up if ur that low cuz its normal. I know it may not feel normal. I start feeling low as soon as I go below 90. But be assured its a healthy range. Have you ever talked to a Diabetic educator or nutritionist ? They may help put you at ease with how you feel. I am a nurse and just hate to see you take anti-anxiety meds if you don’t have too.

Take care = )

Hi Mark,

Having lower number trends after being higher a long time, can cause a lot of anxious feelings. Listen to a meditation CD or calming music before you go to sleep. I do this because my heart rate and BP was high when anxious. I tend to have low BP normally so I am lucky, but those high numbers and a diagnosis of tachycardia was scary. The guided meditation and calming music CDs really helped me. Helps get your mind off of medical scary stuff too. =) Are you taking a multivitamin? That might help with the cramps.

PS, I like your profile picture! Grrrr!

Those are really great numbers, I didn’t have to lose weight but I’ve heard from others that when they did lose the extra pounds that their pancreas could keep up and they maintained good numbers in spite of adding some extra carbs in their meals. Your higher BP might be something simple like not having enough potassium or magnesium in your diet.

Most of us don’t get enough potassium, I was getting leg cramps and pains when my BGL was high especially before dx, when you get these cramps is it within an hour or two after eating? If so your glucose might be spiking too high in the first couple hours before returning to normal levels. When you get the pains do you walk them off?

How much did you lose in weight? It may be time for you to start adding a few grams of carbs back into your life and stop the slide. The way to do it is gradually. 12-15 grams per meal. Your whole grain bread helps fulfill that role. See if your weight stays normal. Test your blood sugar an hour after a meal while you add these. Keep below 140 for that test.
You’ve taken care of things verrry well!
76 is beautifully normal.
I’ve seen other folks go into panic attacks when they drop sorta fast. Take it easy.

I echo the sentiments here. 70’s are completely within normal range and are not dangerous at all. You may feel hypo if you are used to running much higher, but you are fine with those numbers…actually you are quite healthy with those numbers. You do need some help for your anxiety disorder, though. Good luck, glad you’re here

I lost 85lbs since 2006. Thanks for all the kind words guys. This past 2 days i have seen my numbers rise a bit, but if you see my other topic i think im getting cold and have had lot of other stress with BP and other things in life.

Again, thank you every one.