What good does Januvia do?

I was taking Avandia and Amaryl for about 3 years but had shortness of breath and difficulty breathing. However, with the Avandia my levels were down. About 3 months ago my Doctor took me off of them and put me on Januvia and my heart is in top condition now, I can walk and exercise. But my levels are always high, especially in late afternoon and nite. I am taking max doseage of the Januvia and am getting very frustrated. I have read over and over that people are getting high readings with new drug. Am I one of the few or does anyone else have the same problems? This is very very frustrating to try and eat the right amount of carbs but still ave high Blood Glocose levels.


I took Januvia for 3 months and ended up doing a lot of research about it.

What I learned was that if Amaryl isn’t working for you, it isn’t likely Januvia will either, because they both control blood sugar by stimulating beta cell secretion in a similar way and if your beta cells don’t respond any more to stimulation. they won’t work.

Unfortunately, doctors do not understand the biological mechanism by which the drug works.

I was one of the “lucky ones” for whom Januvia did work, but I noticed some disturbing changes in my body’s ability to heal cuts and when I researched Januvia’s mechanism further and corresponded with academic researchers who have published about this mechanism I discovered that Januvia has strong impacts on the immune system that are not understood and were not investigated during the drug testing trial. In particular, it appears to turn off the mechanism the body uses to fight certain cells including melanocytes that have become cancerous.

I am a melanoma survivor so I stopped taking Januvia immediately. I ended up with another “pre-cancerous” lesion that developed during the time I took the drug after 4 years of no further lesions.

Bottom line: I think this drug is WAY overhyped and very dangerous. Byetta does pretty much the same thing in a way that does NOT impact the immune system.

The web page I put together that provides some links to troubling research about Januvia is here: http://www.phlaunt.com/diabetes/18538604.php

Jeff I am sorry you are having such trouble with high blood sugars. I did not do well at all with any of the pills that my doctor tried. And I am sorry that Loran has a problem with her insulin. But being on insulin has literally saved my life. I stay strictly on my low carb diet, exercise more now and have really good blood sugars. If insulin is right for your body, please do not be afraid to try it. It truly is the right answer for some of us type 2’s. I do far more to take care of me now, but my kidneys, heart and liver are doing better now too.