What Happened?

I have been "Pumping" now for about 3 months and with the continued help of my NP have been able to get my levels down to a reasonable number for some considerabel time now. Initially my levels were all over the place, highs, lows, loads of alarms and the whole process was time consuming and worrysome. But the pump regime has taught me to control my sugars much better, I "count carbs", in fact I am trying desparately to reduce carbs and the last time I ate bread, pasta, rice, potatoes was weeks ago :-)

I had an unexpected couple of days this weekend though, my sugars were continually in the high 200's, low 300's....for a reason I am at a loss for understanding. I wasn't feeling under the weather or ill, I changed my site, twice.....thinking that could be the problem, I changed insulin vials as well....but just could not get my levels down to a "normal" level. Finally, during the latter half of yesterday afternoon, my levels started to come down to the low 100's and today I am back to what I would normally say is reasonable for me, right now I'm 118. I just wonder what happened?

I really don't have a great answer, but my daughter just quit using her Animas Ping after a couple of days like that -- the highs made her feel terrible. Animas said she must not have primed properly?? If there is air in the tube, it messes up insulin delivery?? I'm still not sure this is what happened to us or you, but it never happens with insulin pens.