What happens if you stop taking insulin?

I went to this site, HealthTap. It seems totally useless. I asked "What is LADA?" Absolutely no answer. I asked "What is the GAD test?" Again, totally useless. Then I asked "What is a Honeymoon?" Again, absolutely nothing.

How is that helpful?

right on. Thx for the conversion factor.

Here you will find an online converter.

I assume your in the care of a medical professional? How did this individual determine you where a Type1? What where the circumstances that started you down the road to insulin use? Do you have antibody's in your blood? Did you suffer from DK and spend sometime in the hospital? Have you ever taken oral medications in a attempt to control your BG? Is your c peptide normal / or high. Where you suffering from rapid weight loss when you where diagnosed?

I would suspect that your not a Typ1 (lLADA)...JMHO....:)

You melt away.

You are Type 11. There should be another name for this which would help avoid constant confusion.
I'm Type 1 but I have frequently read where it is not at all uncommon for a Type 11 to be on insulin for awhile, get the sugar under control, and then cease taking shots but follow a strict diet for excellent control.
I can't help but feel you already know this.

Type eleven???

Type 2. Ha, thanks for pointing this out.
I've seen it in Roman style, 11, before.
Type 2 from now on!

Thanks for that explanation, Jim, I thought it was something I didn't know about yet, though I couldn't figure out why they'd skip all the other numbers to name it!

The OP was actually diagnosed Type 1, but not sure if she had antibody testing to confirm this.

What you do is exactly what you're doing. As long as both fasting and post meal b/s readings remain where they are, you don't warrant insulin. You are treating yourself exactly right. Be sure you keep testing, write results. Keep your food book so you have a record to show your doctor when you finally go back, if you do. Don't be concerned if you're "really diabetic". Treating diabetes is all about treating symptoms, treating them promptly, and treating them appropriately. If your b/ss don't go up, if your weight stays normal on low carb, you're doing just right. Congratulations and keep at it!

I would measure 2 hours after a meal, even if you are on a low carb diet, to see if your BGs are always ok.
If you take a low basal dose you don't get hypo: your pancreas "senses" exogenous insulin and a right BG so doesn't add its own and "relax".
It is believed, even if not yet proved, that a small amount of insulin helps your pancreas to keep its beta cells longer: you're probably a LADA type, so you have still a good pancreas and keeping your BG right will keep it safe longer.
A theory says your antibody "follow" insulin and that way they reach your beta cells and kill them, so injecting insulin and lowering pancreas insulin production you "hide" your beta cells and save them a little longer.
Keep going and measure often, sooner or later you'll need more insulin, you have to be ready.

Tpye 11, what have I been missing, lol.