What happens to those who can't afford insulin

Hi everyone, I googled to get information on diabetes as a friend of mine in the philippines has been diagnosed with type 2. She has been suffering from infections etc She cannot afford the medicine to sort it out so the best diagnosis is a gradual decline towards what ? We take so much for granted we would not think twice about where the money was coming from would we, we would have it on our health schemes UK and Australia. Why in the philippines do they give so little to there own and just let people die from manageable illnesses. I wish I could help more but in the end I have to look after my wife and kids.

We are very lucky here and unfortunately, people end up dying in other countries. It is not just diabetes, but other health problems also. My brother was dating someone from Brazil and her brother was in a bad accident and needed surgery – he could not have the surgery unless they paid up front for it. People in these countries are poor and most are not able to come up with the money.

If you look at the top of the main page of TuDiabetes, one of the messages in the scroll box is the O is for OUTRAGE campaign by the IDF. No one should be dying from a lack of insulin. They are trying to get President Obama to make an appearance at the UN Summit in Sep. If you click on the link, you can generate a postcard to send to Pres. Obama. Get your friends to send one also.


Thanks Kelly
I am in the media I am outraged and just want to go there and do my own story on what is going on. One of the main problems to health care in the philippines is corruption past and ongoing. The Philippines on paper should be a rich country but corruption and also a booming population add to the suffering of its people. I feel so helpless just wish I could help everyone but its impossible. Do you think Obama saying something at the UN will do much ? It heightens awareness yes but the drug companies etc are still dragging their feet on this, having said that it is marginally better with cheaper prices on malaria drugs and HIV drugs but still not enough it being done.

I am born and raised in the Manila… Lived in the US for 10 years (I got married) but nothing has changed when I got back here in the Philippines…In fact, it has gotten worst.
It is unfortunate but I have to concur that indeed your observations are correct. Government corruption is in it finest, poverty is most rampant, and it is in the verge of social and cultural decline…
Health care is not a priority here so if one has no insurance through their employers, medicines and cost of medical assistance and supplies can be tremendously expensive. Mortality of diabetes related concerns are very high…especially for type 1 juvenile since there are very limited PRIVATE organizations that can help. Im actively involved as a volunteer with a private organization here called “Diabetes Philippines”. They are a group of medical professionals that can probably refer your friend to pharma companies that gives charitable help… There are also other private organizations like GMA Kapuso Foundation, PCSO that can help with your friend’s medications…
Id like to commend you for trying to help…Bless your heart! Ive been assisting 2 people here too suffering from type 2 diabetes on oral meds…but it is a lifelong treatment that I understand can be so costly.

I am afraid it is a problem across the poorer countries. You could contact your country’s diabetes organisation to see if they will collect and send out supplies to these countries. I do not know where you are, but there is an organisation in the UK who do this regularly.

Decline is all the complications, blindness, gangrene, kidney failure …