What I have learned about diabetes

Its that time of year again. I begin to get reflective leading up to our di-anniversary on the 17th of March. As February winds down and we look forward to March storming in, I am already thinking back to what I have learned over the past 11 years. This time 11 years ago, I knew nothing about diabetes and now its part of most of our life. We educate many around us and those who care find themselves seeing insulin pumps and finding test strips where they never knew they existed before. I thought today would be a good day to take time and reflect on some of the things I have learned about diabetes over the years....

Its all my fault. My son has diabetes because I didn't breast feed him long enough. His brother doesn't have diabetes and I fed him for at least four months longer. I did this to him. Its all my fault for putting him on soy formula when I did.

To learn some of the other things I have learned, please to go


Gotta watch out for those Duracell candies! While we’re at it, can I blame you for my diabetes too? =) Of course, on a serious note, it’s sad that we still have to deal with these myths so frequently. Sigh…

LOL…I thought about removing the Duracell “candy” but wondered if anyone would notice :slight_smile:
And sure, blame me. I have big shoulders :slight_smile: Oh well, keep talking and pray a few more actually hear what we say when trying to educate!

Dear Barb, Don’t be so hard on yourself.My sons weren’t breastfed and they don’t have diabetes.I don’t believe that is a good reason,because you didn’t breastfeed long enough.