What if my meal is delayed?

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What happens if I take my symlin dose then my meal is significantly delayed?

Anything I need to worry about?

Yes, this occurrence is a sure recipe for nausea. I typically take my symlin right before I eat, when the meal is already in front of me, or halfway through the meal (and this is bad, but sometimes I even forget the shot and take it right after I’ve finished eating). I used to get very nauseous at breakfast and we decided I should take it during the meal instead of before.

Thanks for the info Andrea - I appreciate it!

Hi Scott.
I never take my symlin until my meal is in front of me!..That means nausea avoidance:). Also remember that you must eat at least 30 carbs or have at least 250 calories. If its just a snack,dont take any,and if ya skip a meal,skip the symlin. If ya mess up a time or two,IT WILL REMIND YOU!..lol…Good luck,this is a wonderful drug!