What if there was a cure for Type 1 tomorrow?

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What would happen to the pharmaceutical companies that make millions on Diabetes supplies? What would happen to the pharmacies that get hundreds of dollars each and every month from lifelong customers like our family? What would happen to the companies that make insulin pumps that cost over $7000 each plus supplies to be able to use it?

I have a pretty good idea of what would happen to our family since I dream about a cure quite a bit, but what would happen to all the other people mentioned above who do not play the Type 1 game themselves but a good portion of their paycheque comes from the people who do? How would a cure affect the world’s business economy?

Since the discovery of insulin in 1921 by Frederick Banting and his assistant Charles Best, the Type 1 Diabetes treatement has essentially stayed the same - inject insulin to keep the person alive by preventing blood glucose from rising too much. Most advancements have been in developing tools to enable Type 1 players to have a better chance of keeping their glucose levels closer to normal. And most of these advancements are not even close to being affordable for the middle-class player with no insurance.

How fast could a cure be found if every single person on this planet really, really wanted one?

Well, to paraphrase Robert Heinlein…

If mankind had put the as much attention into space travel as there has been in the female busom, we’d have hot dog stands on the moon right now

I doubt very much would change very quickly, because whatever cure was developed would undoubtedly be too expensive to implement in the vast majority of people, particularly given our broken healthcare system. Most likely it would be phased in–a very few people would get it at first, and over time (decades, we’re talking) it would become the standard of care. The pharma industry and the pump manufacturers would find other ways to make money… believe me.

It amazing how much research is being done in other countries from using adult stem cells to using pig cells to cure diabetes. You would think this type of research would be funded but you never hear any of the big pharma companies investing in the cure of the disease but more on drugs that cause crazy side effects.
Also it is crazy the money that goes into the advertisement of the pills. I was watching a Chris Rock special and its funny because he mentioned the last time we cured anything was Polio and that has been a while. I guess as long as someone is making money big pharma will probably try to dispute any cure. It is amazing what people will do for money.