What if your CGM could be powered by you? No batteries required

Mashable reported over the weekend on workout gadgets that are powered by the person wearing them.

A chip is inserted (into the person?) and power is generated by the difference in temperature between body heat and the air temperature. Gadgets used for exercise (heart monitors, GPS watches, etc.) were possible applications cited in the article.

What if you could run a CGM with your body heat? Would you?

By the way, here's a link to the article: Mashable - Workout Gadgets Will Soon Be Battery-free

Wow kinda like the Matrix...I don't think I would be interested if it was a implant.

Yes count me in. There are transponders that require no battery at all already. I use one to pay for gas all the time. They are also used to charge you for tolls , but those are battery powered.
All it would take is a more powerful receiver in our pumps or separate receiver to read the transponder.

There was a study in Australia a year or so ago that used no batteries in transponders for implanted glucose sensors.
They were to stay in for a year. I never heard the results , I do know that the receiver had to be right on top of the site to read it though.

The transmitter on the DEXCOM has a 1 year battery so I think they could use that same technology to implant a year long sensor in the mean time,