What If...?

Taken from The DiabeticDuo

What If….there weren’t used test strips all over my house, yard, or car? I would question if my children were testing. It’s a clear sign, even though it drives me nuts.

What If….there weren’t a plethora of D-blogs or message boards? I would not be as educated as I am today or tomorrow or the next day.

What If….I had been keeping up with D365? Eh, it’s ok. You would think it would be an easy project. NOT! (yes, I know I just showed my age)

What If….you could help make someone else stronger by offering a kind word or two. Would you do it even if you weren’t feeling too positive yourself? We all need help, reach out.

What If….I had a microwave or a clothes dryer? Holy Cow the possibilities are endless. I mean, I could warm up coffee or left overs…I could do laundry while it was raining and not have lint all over my black shirts. (FYI, this was a gratuitous entry to try and get my husband to buy me said microwave or clothes dryer)

What If….I didn’t have strong willed children? First, I would ask for a DNA test. Second, what drives me nuts about them today is what will make me most proud when they are older. I am proud to say that my kids know what they want and go after it….even if it makes my head explode at the time.

What If….There was an endless supply of affordable D-supplies? We’d all be happy.

What If….I had a second DFF entry? I would have twice as many as I have now.

What If….we didn’t face challenges? We wouldn’t grow. Sometimes I wish they wouldn’t come so fast and furiously, but I know there is a purpose. (and I will now offer up an general apology to all those I have cursed)

What If….there were no bacon? Uhm, I know of one person who would ball up in the fetal position in the middle of the living room floor.

What If….there weren’t blood smears all over my kids clothes, papers, mail, overage charts, test kits…? See What If….there weren’t used test strips all over my house, yard, car.

What If….Diabetes was easy to manage? Ok, that wasn’t even fair to write…but I have thought about it. Haven’t you?

I’m going to get you one. Soon. This week. Not sure who… but will come up with something.

Michael, what are you talking about. Get me one what…oooooh I am so excited! What is it? What is it?