What is a reasonable call back time?

What is a reasonable time for a call back to take? I have been trying to get a hold of my CDE for 3 days now and have yet to get a call back. Personally, I’m starting to get a bit irritated. If she’s out, that’s fine, but shouldn’t someone be handling her calls? Shouldn’t her voice mail say as much or do I have my expectations set WAY too high?

You know, if this was my mechanic or even the vet for my cat, I’d have a new one by now. It seems amazing that we always seem to give our HCP’s a lot more slack when we get poor customer service than we do anywhere else. When you think about it like that, it is even more amazing when you look at how much money we run through their businesses.

I’m just not feeling the love!

Wow! 3 days?! I just called my CDE last week and she was out for a couple days, and one of the other CDEs called me back next day. I would definately be a little upset about that. There should be at least one other person who handles her calls…did you ask to speak with someone else?
Good luck and happy weekend =)

I expect a call back the same day I call my doctor and nine times out of ten I do. If I tell the nurse it is an emergency she will go find him and talk to him right then and get back to me within 10 min. As far as my CDE, she is an independent CDE and I have her cell phone and email address and I get a reply from her within 24 hours. I refuse to give my medical providers any slack, if I don’t hear back within 24 hours then I am on the phone throwing a fit or even firing them.

I like to be called back the same day. I am a Bug-A-Boo patient…lol I have my Endo’s e-mail address lol I get a quick response. 3 days is way too long!

I called once and got a call back in 4 hours but after getting to know them a bit more I would be angry if I did not get a call back with in a few hours…

Hi Scott,
I think a few hours is okay. One day is the limit. This is a business and if they don’t want your’s or you are not valuuable enough to them I would get rid of them. If you didn’t need something, you would not have called. It isn’t like the type of needs we have can wait all that much. If it could then we don’t need them. We can look it up in a book. I am sorry. I am short on patience when it comes to needs. Wants are a different subject.

Man, everyone is telling me exactly what I think… I should get a call back same day, esp when I call first thing in the morning

I called and talked to the office manger (do that when you have issues, that is what she is there for) and talked to a different CDE and the doctor she worked for gave me some changes. That CDE even called me back at 6pm, an hour after the office closed…

I’ve fired doctors before (amazing when you use the words “you’re fired” to their face, esp in an ER, will accomplish). I may be getting older and crankier, but I just find myself having less and less tolerance for BS or “attitude” anymore… I have enough crap going on, i need a team that will be willing to work with me, not feel like they are the gift of the ages because they supposedly have the skills I need. People/customer skills are part of that and it seems that so many HCP’s just don’t get that… sigh

It worries me that some people don’t understand that our health is OUR responsibility, our HCPs are only advisers. People are so willing to put up with all sorts of crap because they don’t understand and are willing to put up with most anything. \

we’ll see how it goes here, I maybe getting a new endo… I have been having problems out the wazoo since I got started on the pump and I just out of patience. We made changes last week, some of them based on the assumption that these changes would work. If they didn’t work, I’d be done and back on shots.

There is a very thin line between perseverance and stupidity, sometimes I wonder what side of that line I am on

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to give a darn and reply, have a great time doing whatever you do!


Considering that it’s 1:30 AM and I’m doing legal research, with several more hours to go, I don’t know about the having a great time aspect . . . .

When I need to get in touch with my endo, he calls back that day, usually within a few hours. I once sent him a fax of some results from testing done for a study I tried to get into, and he called me a few days later to say that he had gotten them, reviewed them, and also just wanted to check to see how I was doing - completely unexpected, since he had told me before I sent the stuff that since these were tests not usually done in a clinical setting, he probably couldn’t interpret them. Then again, I’m lucky that I have an endo with a good team who actually listens and does his job as a doctor, and doesn’t think that his . . . ahem . . . doesn’t stink. If I had to wait 3 days, I’d have a new doctor within 1.

By the time I call a doctor I have pretty much tried everything and is now at the stage when I need professional help - it’s urgent!l I expect a call back within a few hours. We know they are busy and won’t disturb them for petty things! But when you need them you need them NOW! Three days! - I’ll make a heck of a fuss!!

I agree with everyone. This is way too long to wait. I’d call back & leave a message saying that you’ve fired her & why! For someone who stated being crankier & impatient, I think you’ve showed a lot of patience with this nonsense:)

The more we as patients put up with bad, uncaring, unresponsive service, the worse it will get.

Add me to the list of people who have fired their endos.