What is good enough?

Ok, I have had this conversation with many people and fought hard about how I was not good enough.
It has been a real mental shift for me but I have discovered where my good enough is and I really don’t worry if I have a bad day or a bad week.
I don’t sweat it when I see how low some people run their a1c when I compare it to mine.
I am happy with my goal and if I can be at it or lower, I’m ok with my goals for cholesterol numbers and blood pressure. Are they good enough for everyone? Probably not but good enough for me.
That being said, I will say, my diabetes life has gotten so darn easy for me! All it took was some new technology and my life is so darn easy!!! I really don’t think about it a whole lot anymore. I don’t test anymore. I don’t worry about lows anymore. I just have to think about highs once in awhile but with the pump telling me I’m heading up, I can micro dose to bring it back in line.
So while I don’t sweat the numbers anymore, I must say it was very nice to see the last 7 days looking so nice. And even better because I really didn’t work really hard to get there.
So yes these numbers are way better than my good enough and I do feel a little guilty that they are so good with no real work!
Love technology! And can’t wait for the next download, hopefully by the end of the year.image


Great numbers @Sally7, especially considering the vast majority of T1’s have a time in range of under 70% :+1:t3: :+1:t3:

Balance is the holy grail of diabetes … and life. We must navigate every day between what we perceive as “healthy diabetes tactics” and our interest in some semblance of a normal and reasonable quality of life.

You have learned an important lesson. You are the only one to strike that balance pivot point. You are the only one to decide what diabetes measurements mean for you. Corrosive comparisons with others distract and undermine your stride.

“Enough” is a philosophical construct that most people struggle to define. When you get a good handle on how that plays out in your life, it can become a great quality of life asset. It allows you to give yourself permission to enjoy the fruits of your labors and banish needless worrying.

A “healthy good-enough” is a mindset that we all should strive to reach. Now all you need to do is keep yourself in that zone!


This is a blogpost I wrote 5 (!) years ago with the exact same question. Can’t believe I have been blogging that long.


Great to hear. I remember when first joining TuD, and realizing there was a whole different way to think of and treat my diabetes. Before that I had a “follow doctors orders” mentality. But also found some here more “extreme” than I wanted to be, and took a while to find my “sweet spot”.