What is in a picture

Some days the way you feel can be best explained by a simple phot like the one above the insole from a shoe who's shoe I have no idea why one insole instead of two who knows and to be honest who really cares I was on my way to the car with the wife she was taking me to the hospital for another diabetic checkup to say I was a bit down in the dumps would be putting it midly, after my heart attack in 2004 I seemed to have lost a part of me I could not feel love or any kind of affection.

One minute I was happily smoking painting the hallway ceiling in my tee shirt and shorts the next I was lying on the ground in some much pain I could not move the pain was so bad I tried to sream for help but the pain just got worse and worse after 20 minutes or so I cannot really remember I managed to knock the phone of its stand and call my wife.

I remember praying for the pain to stop I remember someone grabbing me and pulling me up from a ledge, I was clinging on with my fingernails who it was that gave me a hand I have no idea, all I know is that whoever it was filled me with a sense of calm throught the pain, I remember a doctor in the hospital telling me that he wanted to use a new experimental drug there were no guarantees but without it there was really no hope to be honest I was still in a lot of pain the next thing I remember was waking up in a hospital bed on several drips and covered in leads and other things why am I telling you all this well it is simple as I passed by the disgarded insole it bought all those memories flooding back as if a dam had bust and i was again filled with a sense of peace and calm.

i can hear some of you saying what a load of cobblers but that is what this pictue means to me, life is full of surpises do I believe in Angels you bet I do.

Thank you for the interesting explanation of the photo. I get where you’re coming from.

The attack certainly sounds scary. Thankfully you were sent back to finish your path in Life.
I take it you had a near-death experience. Or perhaps I’m misinterpreting your situation.
Either way, I’m Glad that you made it back, as is your Family and Friends.