What is it like when your sick with a cold?

I was wondering what you do when your sick. What are BS like and how you feel? If you get Keytone and how you deal with them? Thanks Les

I just got over a cold a couple of months ago. It was the first one in years and the first since controlling my glucose levels.

I felt awful, like I’d been hit by a bus; vaguely remember that sensation from before. The BS’s were all over the place. I would eat what I usually do and inject the usual amount ot cover it but spike to over 200; make a correcting dose and it would kick in with a vengance so I would go low. It was like I had variable insulin resistance. There was no pattern between the input of food or insulin and the output level of the measurable glucose via my meter.

That is how I knew I was really sick. I’ve had other incidences where I’ve felt awful but the BS has been steady, no major spikes or dips.

The enoucraging part is that it will pass in about a week and all returns to normal. I am wondering how it will affect my next A1C reading in June.

I hate getting colds… It’s usually horrible for me… When i’m sick, all my senses are off, and I can’t feel when I am low or not. It’s very important that you test your blood every 2-3 hours during your sickness. Here are somethings that will raise your blood sugars:

The flu itself (stresses the body)
Some cold medicines (both day and nighttime meds)
Cough drops

You should not have to worry about ketones, if your checking your sugar levels. You can purchase ketone urine test strips for less than $15 dollars (just to be on the safe side). If you discover you have ketones, drink plenty of fluid, and replace your bodies potassium. If you experience stomach pain, or if you can’t keep food down) call your doctor immediately, or go to the ER.

Also watch your salt intake. A lot of canned soups are loaded with salt, which will bring up your blood pressure, and you’ll feel even worse…

oh, also forgot to mention to continue checking your blood sugar levels during the presents of ketones. Make any insulin adjustments as needed.

I need much more insulin while being sick. This can be treated with corrections of course. But this is no option for the night. So more importantly the basal rate needs to be increased. I will most likely increase my Levemir dosage by 30% or more. This really helps to regain control.