What is it to "feel good"?

Had Endo appointment today… A1c is 6.2 on pod and Dexcom… The question is… Do you know what it is to actually feel good?
I struggle with the answer to that. Should I feel better than I do? Is it the weather in Indiana? Is it just having diabetes?
I continue to complain that I just don’t “feel” well… Fatigue… Joint pain…exhaustion… I have been tested for everything and results are alway boarder line positive. Boarder line… Well I don’t like meds I would rather practice holistic (except insulin) so where do I go from here? Is it just the “diabetes” ?

I’ve had diabetes since I was a kid, so I don’t know in regards to that, but I think sometimes when there’s a new diagnosis it takes the body quite a while to readjust. Two years ago I was diagnosed with a major new medical condition, and it took at least a year before I was truly feeling “back to normal” again and everything was under control.

Two months ago I was diagnosed with yet another major medical condition, and I am still feeling like crap. I’m also dealing with ongoign things like severe allergies, which doctors seem at a loss as to how to handle—I am taking all the medication, making all the recommended changes to avoid allergens, even doing allergy shots, and I am still constantly having allergy symptoms and have constant allergic inflammation, yet doctors have nothing to recommend.

It gets very frustrating, and it’s hard to pinpoint exactly why I feel tired or achy on many days with multiple chronic conditions. I’m in my 30s and definitely shouldn’t be feeling as low-energy as I have been, but part of me wonders if it’s just my body readjusting again and maybe in a year I’ll feel better. I’ve been seriously looking into going to an integrative health clinic that has MDs but also holistic doctors.

Jen I am sorry to hear all that. It’s tough that I know. What kind of other conditions do you have? Diabetes related? I too am mid 30 's and feeling defeated.

Well, sort of, in that they’re all related to my immune system going crazy. I have Type 1, multiple food allergies (some severe), severe environmental allergies, many related allergic conditions (asthma, eczema, sinus issues, plus more rare things), and Graves’ disease. I also have other ongoing issues that haven’t yet been diagnosed as anything, but I wonder sometimes if it’s all connected to autoimmune issues. Any one of these conditions wouldn’t be that big a deal, but all combined they seriously wear me down some days (especially because they actually interfere with each other at times).

Do you have health conditions besides diabetes? Diabetes can be exhausting, but at least it’s one condition that can be controlled (though that takes a ton of work!). If you’re still feeling badly despite well-controlled diabetes, maybe there’s something else going on.

Like I said…"boarder line "
Thyroid goiter but labs come back ok
Celiac - I need to go gluten free to find out for sure

To rule out celiac, going gluten-free is exactly what you shouldn’t do…an endoscopy is the gold-standard for celiac diagnosis.

Did you mean to say “Sjogren’s” Syndrome?


Jen, I think this is an attractive and viable path for you. I think the gut microbiome and it’s relationship to the immune system is under-appreciated by current Western Medicine. Good luck!

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. . . and everyone probably knows this already, but if you have one autoimmune condition you are definitely at elevated risk for others.

But does that mean you feel bad? Is how we expect to feel outside our reach? Do we expect to much?

I agree with @rgcainmd—if you haven’t been diagnosed with celiac disease then you shouldn’t go gluten free. If you’ve had blood tests and an endoscopy to test for celiac, then that means you don’t have celiac. If you haven’t had those tests, then going gluten free could make them show false negatives even if you actually have celiac.

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Ask your doctor to test for “malabsorption.” Some diabetics suffer from this. The body does not absorb nutrients in the digestive track. A pancreatic enzyme might be prescribed. This isn’t a diagnosis, mind you, just a suggestion for your doctor.


I’m not diagnosed as Type 1 and have, so far, tested negative for any autoimmune disease. The day before I was diagnosed with diabetes, a bit over 3.5 years ago, I remember feeling about as good or better than I have at any other time in my life! I was diagnosed on my 50th birthday. I have not felt even close to as “well” since.

I was put on Type 2 meds right away and remained on one or another of those for four months. During that time, I felt like I had an extended bout of the flu – and blamed that feeling on the meds. After side effects forced me to stop all of the Type 2 meds I tried, I started on insulin. I felt “better” shortly after that, but I noted at the time that I did NOT feel "good’ – certainly not that feeling over overall well-being that I had pre-Dx. That has not changed significantly over the past 3.25 years. I have not returned to that “flu-like” feeling I had on orals, but I continue to feel more fatigued, less energetic, and just plain “unwell” with no sign of improvement. Note: for the past 2.5+ years, my A1c has been in the “low 5’s” - and even 4.9 for one year - with reasonably good control most of the time, yet I continue to feel marginally “bad” all the time.

… and I don’t like it! I want to feel good again!

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Alice you are spot on. I was always tired too. Going on insulin didnt cure it. I also started symptoms of gas ,bloating and loose stools.
Then I read about digestive enzymes and told to my GI who prescribed creon ( pancreatic enzyme).
It has really boosted my energy levels and helped in gas/ bloating/loose stools.

Worth a try.

I am just wondering if enzyme deficiency may be common between type 2 and type 1.

My A1c too were 4.7,4.9, 5.4 all low but I never felt as good as pre diagnosis.

I was doing weights in gymn but would never see any results. Body would feel cold to touch even after meals.

Pancreatic enzyme creon has really made a difference.

I still have some issues like fat digestion so I try not to eat too much fat. I will request my GI to see if gall bladder is functioning okay. Also should get liver checked.

I don’t know. I don’t quite have the same symptoms you describe. I have lost my tolerance for cold, but I do see “results” from going to the gym. Not necessarily all the results I want to see, but certainly something. I have an endo appointment next week. I plan to try and discuss all thing with him.

Hi Thas,
I have a similar feeling as you described (I am type1 Lada). Pre-diagnosis I felt more vibrant and energetic compared to now.
I have good BG control and even after several days in range I still feel a little off, like very slightly spaced out. Not all the time but often enough to notice. I think the difference from pre-diagnosis to now is from the sugar high I must have been on continuously pre-diagnosis (I had pretty obvious symptoms for a few months before I went in to the doc, inadvertently lost 30 lbs.). I put the weight back on and got in pretty good shape for me, my athletic performance is back to where I expect it to be, all seems well physically. I think my brain got used to that constant high BG and I am hoping it will eventually get used to lowered BG. I have decided its the new normal for now, and suspect it’s age related too.

I haven’t felt “good” in years. Along with type 1, I have Hashimotos thyroid and I think that is the main reason I’m tired all the time and have no energy. I think I had the thyroid issues long before the diabetes but was bad about going to dr’s in my 30’s, when I first felt symptoms of it. My pcp diagnosed the diabetes, thyroid and low iron on the same day in 09’ from my lab work.

I have celiac disease, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and Pre-Diabetes. I strongly encourage those with TD1 to get a celiac screening (do not go gluten free until all testing is complete) as there are genetic implications between both CD and TD1.


Not all celiacs experience intestinal symptoms. Joint pain and fatigue can be symptoms of celiac disease.

I should say that after my celiac and pre-diabetes diagnosis, my thyroid and blood sugar have stabilized with the GF and LCHF diet. It has been three years and I am back now training for a triathalon. So, it is possible to feel well!

I wish you well!

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Low iron? That was my only symptom I had that promoted my doctor to screen me for celiac disease. I just went to the GI for my routine colonoscopy (Yep, I am over 50) and being anemic tipped him off. My anemia was always blamed on my being a woman and having Thalsassemia. Both true, but I also had Celiac Disease.